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The Phoenix Public Library has prepared this brochure to help you check the availability of a proposed business, product, or service name before using a trade name or registering a trademark. Although the library has prepared this brochure with the best information available, it is strongly suggested that you seek the advice of an attorney for any specific questions about the interpretation of laws or for guidance in any major business decisions. Library staff will be glad to assist you in researching proposed name availability, but cannot interpret the law for you or offer legal advice based on research done here.

A trade name is a name used to identify organizations, and generally their products and services as well. A trademark is any word, phrase, design, slogan, or symbol, which distinguishes certain products and services from those offered by competitors, such as "Jell-O" or "Kleenex". Although trademarks registered with the state and/or federal governments enjoy the highest degree of protection, even unregistered or "common law" trademarks may be somewhat protected.

Following the steps below may help you find potentially conflicting trade names and trademarks. Each step offers a higher degree of protection.


This list is effective only when all listed directories are used. Please do not ask library staff to recommend one source over another, since they are all equally vital regardless of the type of name. Your time is precious, but so is the protection that only thorough research can provide.





Reference U.S.A.

Electronic Island and Library





Arizona telephone books

Career Center



Brands and Their Companies

Business Information


(Business Shelf A3)



Duns Regional Business Directory

Business Information

(Metro Phoenix & Tucson)

(Reference Desk)



Million Dollar Directory

Business Information


(Business Shelf A1)



Standard Directory of

Business Information

Advertisers Brand Name Index, vol . 2

(Business Shelf A2)



Thomas Register of American

Business Information


(Business Shelf A5, A6)

(trademark index and company profiles volumes)




Trademark Register of the

Business Information

United States

(Business Shelf A3)

State: Secretary of State
Capitol West Wing
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602-542-6187     -or-

Federal: U.S. Department of Commerce
Patent and Trademark Office
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1-800-786-9199  -or-  703-305-HELP

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