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Volume 10, Issue 7 February 13, 2004


Contents of this Issue


General Information 440

Public Participation in the Rulemaking Process 441

Notices of Proposed Rulemaking 442

4 A.A.C. 30 Board of Technical Registration 442

Notices of Final Rulemaking 468

1 A.A.C. 1 Secretary of State - Rules and Rulemaking 468

Notices of Exempt Rulemaking 500

9 A.A.C. 22 Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System - Administration 500

9 A.A.C. 31 Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System - Children's Health Insurance Program 504

Notices of Rulemaking Docket Opening 506

4 A.A.C. 19 Board of Nursing 506

18 A.A.C. 2 Department of Environmental Quality - Air Pollution Control 508

18 A.A.C. 12 Department of Environmental Quality - Underground Storage Tanks 509

Notices of Public Information 510

Department of Environmental Quality 510

Department of Health Services 511

Notices of Substantive Policy Statement 512

Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System 512

Index 513

Effective Date Schedule and Register and Code Deadlines 516

Governor's Regulatory Review Council Deadlines 519

Scott Cancelosi
Public Services Division

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