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Volume 16, Issue 35 August 27, 2010

Contents of this Issue

General Information 1636

Public Participation in the Rulemaking Process 1637

Notices of Exempt Rulemaking 1638

9 A.A.C. 22 Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System - Administration 1638

9 A.A.C. 28 Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System - Arizona Long-term Care System 1664

Notices of Rulemaking Docket Opening 1675

1 A.A.C. 6 Governor's Regulatory Review Council 1675

17 A.A.C. 2 Department of Transportation - Aeronautics Division 1675

18 A.A.C. 14 Department of Environmental Quality - Permits and Compliance Fees 1676

County Notices Pursuant to A.R.S. § 49-112 1678

Maricopa County 1678

Notices of Public Information 1679

Office of the Secretary of State 1679

Governor's Executive Orders/Proclamations 1680

Arizona American Indian Right to Vote Day 1680

Associations Impact Arizona Month 1680

Child Support Awareness Month 1681

Community Health Center Week 1682

Surgical Technologists Week 1682

Declaration of Emergency - Monsoon 2010 Flooding 1683

Calling a Ninth Special Session of the Forty-ninth Legislature of the State of Arizona 1684

Index 1685

Effective Date Schedule and Register Deadlines 1691

Governor's Regulatory Review Council Deadlines 1694

Scott Cancelosi
Public Services Division

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