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Volume 19, Issue 43 October 25, 2013

Contents of this Issue

General Information 3307

Public Participation in the Rulemaking Process 3308

Notices of Final Rulemaking 3309

9 A.A.C. 22 Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System - Administration 3309

9 A.A.C. 22 Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System - Administration 3315

9 A.A.C. 28 Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System - Arizona Long-term Care System 3320

9 A.A.C. 29 Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System - Medicare Cost Sharing Program 3323

20 A.A.C. 2 Department of Weights and Measures 3325

Notices of Exempt Rulemaking 3334

9 A.A.C. 10 Department of Health Services - Health Care Institutions: Licensing 3334

Notices of Agency Guidance Documents 3355

Department of Health Services 3355

Governor’s Regulatory Review Council 3357

Notice of Action Taken at the October 1, 2013 Meeting 3357

Governor’s Executive Orders/Proclamations 3359

Domestic Violence Awareness Month 3359

Heroes Day 3360

International Education Week 3360

School Psychology Awareness Week 3361

Valley Fever Awareness Week 3362

E.O. 2012-03: State Regulatory Review, Moratorium and Streamlining To Promote Job Creation and

Retention 3362

Index 3365

Effective Date Schedule and Register Deadlines 3377

Governor’s Regulatory Review Council Deadlines 3380

Scott Cancelosi
Public Services Division

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Rhonda Paschal
Rules Editor
Public Services Division