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The Notary Master File (NMF) from the Secretary of State (SOS) contains over 60 thousand records created from SOS notary commission records. This file includes the following information on each notary, if the data is available to the SOS: Commission Number, Last Name, First Name, Business Mailing Address, Appointment Date, renewal flag and Expiration Date. Since Notary records are continuously updated, SOS can only guarantee the veracity of the file on its issuance date. Requests for the data must be done in writing and must be accompanied by a check or money order.

For questions on subscriptions or other publications of the Secretary of State, call SOSAZ at 602 542-4758.

Arizona Secretary of State, Public Services Division, 1700 W Washington 7th Floor, Phoenix, AZ 85007

Two versions are available

Arizona Secretary of State's Full Notary Master File (on CD-ROM )
One time purchase

Single Issue available, price $200; Issued at request.

Format: ASCII character set, comma separated values OR tab separated values (specify)

Arizona Secretary of State's Notary Master File Annual Subscription (on CD or via email)
Annual subscription, 12 monthly issues

Available by subscription, price annual NMF subscription fee of $2000. Issued on the 5th, monthly. A single issue contains all notaries commissioned during the previous month.

Format: ASCII character set, comma separated values OR tab separated values (specify)

NMF Detailed Layout

Filetype=VARYING Delimiter=" Separator=, CharSet=ASCII

Field1=APPTDATE,TIMESTAMP, 19, Date Appointed

Field2=BUSADDR1,CHAR, 60, Business Address

Field3=BUSCITY,CHAR, 40, Business City

Field4=BUSNAME,CHAR, 40, Business Name (if exists)

Field5=BUSSTATE,CHAR, 2, Business State

Field6=BUSZIP,CHAR, 10, Business Zip

Field7=COUNTY,CHAR, 40, County of Residence

Field8=EXPDATE,TIMESTAMP, 19, Date Notary Expires

Field9=FIRSTNAME,CHAR, 40, First Name

Field10=ID,LONGINT, 9, Unique Notary ID number

Field11=LASTNAME,CHAR, 40, Last Name

Field12=BONDED,CHAR, 30, Notary Status

Field13=RENEWAL,CHAR,1, Y/N last application is renewal

Field14=MIDDLENAME,CHAR,40, Middle Name

Revised May 16, 2002