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Investigations into Alleged Notary Statute Violations

Anyone who believes that an Arizona Notary Public has committed a violation under Arizona's Notary Statutes may file a Statement of Complaint Against a Notary Public with the Secretary of State's Office.
Once received, the Office forwards complaints to the Arizona Attorney General's Office for investigation into the complaint.
When the investigation is completed, the Secretary of State's Office may:

  • revoke the Notary's commission;
  • suspend the Notary's commission;
  • or take no action.

Criminal Investigations

The Secretary of State's Office only has the authority to suspend or revoke an Arizona Notary Public's commission if they are in violation of notary statutes. If criminal activity has been identified, please contact your local law enforcement agency to file a report.

Legal Advice

If legal advice or other expert assistance is required the Office suggests contacting an attorney. The Secretary of State's Office cannot provide legal advice to those who file a complaint, nor can we provide legal advice to Arizona notaries accused of a notary violation.

How to file a complaint against an Arizona Notary Public with the Arizona Secretary of State's Office

  • Use our "Statement of Complaint Against a Notary Public" form to ensure a thorough investigation.
  • Verbal complaints are not accepted. All complaints must be in writing.
  • Anonymous complaints are not accepted either verbally or in writing.

Follow these guidelines:

Section 1. Complainant Information

Clearly identify the person who is opening the grievance.

  • If a government agency or business is filing the grievance, a contact person must be included with the complaint. This person will serve as the point of contact during the investigation.
  • Remember to include the agency or business name if you are representing either of these entities.

Section 2. Arizona Notary Name
Include the full name of the Arizona Notary Public who has allegedly committed the notary law violation(s). Names/commission numbers can be looked up online.

Section 3. Transaction Information

  • When and where did the transaction occur? Include information such as the date, time and place the alleged violation took place.
  • Were there witnesses to the alleged violation?
  • Please note: The Arizona Secretary of State's Office can only receive complaints about Arizona notaries commissioned by the office. If a document was prepared in Arizona, but notarized by a notary in another state, you must contact the state agency that commissioned the notary.

Section 4. Type of Notarial Service(s) to Investigate
What type of notarial service did you request? What was the fee(s) charge for the notarial service?

Section 5. Description of the complaint against the Notary Public
Include a detailed description of the circumstances surrounding the notary public's services.

  • Include information such as the type of document that was notarized; incorrectly notarized; or refused to be notarized by the notary public.
  • If the notary public refused to notarized a document, state his or her reason for doing so.
  • The person listed in Section 1 should clearly identify how they believe the Arizona Notary Public's actions violated the law.
  • References to Arizona statutes may be included with your allegations but are not required.

Section 6. Documentation of Transaction - Notarized Documents, Receipts
Support documents should be included with the complaint.

  • Other information can also be included that support the allegations (for example, witness letters describing the incident).
  • If the allegation includes a violation on a notarized document you MUST provide a COPY of the document at issue.

Section 7. The complaint should be signed and dated.

SUBMISSION: The complaint and documentation should be mailed to:

Secretary of State Ken Bennett
1700 W. Washington Street, 7th Floor
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
Attention: Notary Public Complaints

It is recommended that you send the complaint package by way of receipt (such as certified mail), but it is not required.