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The Secretary of State issues apostilles (certificates of notarization authenticity) on documents going to a foreign country and also authenticates public documents going to foreign countries under A.R.S. § 41-326.

An apostille from the Arizona Secretary of State's Office certifies an Arizona notary or State Clerk.

arrow Government documents such as a

birth certificate (issued within the last 5 years),
death certificate (issued within the last 5 years),
marriage record,
corporation document, etc.

must be a certified copy issued by that government office.

arrow Requirements for authentication or apostille

  • Signed before an Arizona Notary Public
  • Certified by any Arizona county clerk
  • Certified by the custodial of records for recordable documents

arrow All documents

For all documents being authenticated, the following must be complied with:

  • All seals and signatures must be originals
  • Must not contain white out or erasures (cross-outs).
  • Must contain proper notarial certificate including the venue (refer the notary reference manual)
  • All blanks must be completed or filled in on a jurat (subscribed & sworn or affirmed)
  • The notary's signature must match the name on the notary's seal exactly
  • Expiration date of notary's commission appears on the notary seal.
  • Certified recorded documents should be recently issued

Please contact our office with questions about whether your document will or will not be acceptable.


arrow Federal Officials
If the document for which you are seeking an apostille has been signed or notarized by a federal official, your request should be directed to the United States Department of State. Such documents might include those that have been signed by a federal official with the official seal of that agency, American Consular Officer, Military Notary (10 USC 1044a) or Foreign Consul.



Fill out the form posted online (below), and print it out.

Include with the form:
- your payment of $3.00 per document (cash accepted in-person only); and
- the documents that you want authenticated.
- Our mailing address is on the form. If you are requesting an Apostille going to a Foreign country, please include a self-addressed, postage paid envelope to avoid any delays or rejections. We are unable to process any requests with insufficient postage.

If mailing the request to us, please indicate:
- the name of the country to which you will be sending your documents, and
- your name and daytime telephone number so that we may contact you should any questions arise when processing your document(s).
- If you send your documents by mail and require a expeditedservice you may want to use express mail and include a prepaid envelope for express return mail service.

Our average processing time is five business days.
If you require same day service, please visit our Customer Service Center.

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