Arizona Secretary of State's Non-Incorporated Index Options

(Partnerships, Trade Names and Trademarks)

Produced by: Arizona Secretary of State, Business Services Division

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The Arizona Secretary of State, Business Services Division (SOSAZ) maintains the database of over one hundred fifty thousand partnership, trade name and trademarks for the state of Arizona. These registrations are referred to as non-incorporated registrations and are used as certified name registrations. They are continuously updated through the process of filing Partnership, Trade name and Trademark applications (NIR) at the SOSAZ, where they are imaged and keyed into the NIR system. The NIR registrations, and soon the images of the registrations, are accessible and completely searchable to the public via the Internet at

The NIR Registration Full Index (NIRFI) from the SOSAZ contains a complete index of all NIR registrations on file at SOSAZ. Because of the enormity of the request, only the information in the index can be readily sold to the public, not the images. The information is the same information presented in the NIR Monthly Registration Index NIRMI.

The NIR Monthly Registration Index (NIRMI) from the SOSAZ typically contains over two thousand records of NIR renewals and applications filed at the SOS in a given month. The index is published on the 15th of each month, 12 times a year. The NIRMI is comprised of the registrations for the previous month.

These packages contain one summary file and six informational files: YYYYMMDD.CSV, NIR.TAB, NIR_COM.TAB, NIR_X_AGENT.TAB, AGENT.TAB, COR.TAB and MRK.TAB. For a more detailed description, See the Non-Incorporated Registration Index Description page. Basically, the data files contain:

Note: Non-incorporated registrations are maintained pursuant to different portions of the Arizona Revised Statutes. For more information on the registration of interest, please visit the information page on the registration type at

Since NIR documents are continuously filed, SOS can only guarantee the veracity of the file on its issuance date. Requests for the data must be done in writing and must be accompanied by a check or money order. Please indicate which of the products you are purchasing.

Arizona Secretary of State's NIR Full Index (Full Index File Only) (on CD-ROM)
One time purchase

Single Issue available, price $2000; Issued on following 15th of each month at request.

Format: ASCII character set, tab separated values

Arizona Secretary of State's NIR Monthly Index Annual Subscription (on CD-ROM)

Annual subscription, 12 monthly issues

Available by subscription, price annual NIRMI subscription fee of $600 ($50 per issue). 12 Issues issued on the 15th, monthly. A single issue contains all registrations during the previous month.

Format: ASCII character set, tab separated values