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All campaign finance information is available for searching online on our campaign finance search page. You may also purchase our entire database of campaign finance information. Electronic copies of the campaign finance database are delivered on CD in delimited text files.

NOTE: In order to effectively use the campaign finance database information, you will need to have a good understanding of computer database file formats and relationships. You will need to load the supplied files into the database program of your choice for them to be useful. This is essentially a complete copy of our database. A file layout of the various tables is included with each database order.


Campaign Finance Database

Electronic copy, CD $25.00 (per election cycle)

Update, electronic, CD $ 25.00
(if within 6 months of initial order)

Public Records Request Form


Complete the Public Records Request form and include payment (check or money order) payable to the Arizona Secretary of State. Send the completed Public Records Request and payment to:

Arizona Secretary of State, Election Services Division
1700 West Washington, 7th floor
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Attn: Campaign Finance

All prices include postage and handling. All orders must be paid in advance.