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The Arizona State Court of Appeals, Division One, initially issued a preliminary injuction against House Bill 2593. The Arizona Supreme Court on 12/17/2013 vacated the opinion of the Court of Appeals and has lifted the injunction regarding candidate campaign contribution limits. Therefore, pursuant to Laws 2013, Chapter 98, the new contribution limits are now back in effect. Additionally, now that the Primary and General election are considered separately for the purpose of contribution limits, you must designate one committee for the Primary and one for the General election.

You may view the order here: Court Order

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am a candidate for statewide or legislative office. Now that the Primary and General election are considered separately for the purpose of contribution limits, do I need two candidate committees?
A: Yes. You must designate one committee for the Primary and one for the General. This requires two statements of organization that you file with our office and filing campaign finance reports for each committee six times per cycle.

Q: What if I have already established a 2014 committee?
A: You should designate that committee as either for the Primary or General and then establish a new committee for the other election. Amend your existing committee statement of organization to reflect election cycle 2014 and either primary or general. Submit the signed amended statement of organization to secretary of state's office.

Q: Do I need separate bank accounts for each committee?
A: Not necessarily but we recommend it (unless you are a Clean Elections participating candidate, in which case you are subject to the laws and rules governing participating candidates that require only one bank account).

Q: If I have an existing committee that I designate as a Primary committee and then form a General committee, how much of the surplus can I transfer to the General committee?
A: Only $2000 of the surplus money can be transferred to the General committee. .

Q: I have an existing committee, can I designate that as primary and then form a general committee and move half of my funding to each?
A: No, only $2000.

Q: If I terminate my Primary committee, can I transfer of all the surplus money into my General committee for an election in the same year?
A: No, the campaign committees for the Primary election and the General election are in the same year so transfers are subject to contribution limits. The transfer of the surplus is limited to $2000 for the election in the same year. Any remaining surplus monies in the Primary committee can be transferred to an exploratory or candidate committee for a future election in a different year or as specified in A.R.S. ยง 16-915.01.

Q: May I accept one check for $4000 from one contributor and deposit it all in one committee and then transfer up to the $2000 limit to the other committee?
A: No, unless you have not already transferred any money to the other committee. Due to the contribution limit between committees you should ask for separate contribution checks for the Primary committee and another for the General committee.

Q: Where can I get additional information regarding this new legislation?
A: Please see Attorney General Opinion Number I13-007 and the Arizona Supreme Court Order.