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Letter From Secretary of State Janice K. Brewer

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Ballot Propositions


Proposition 100

Proposed amendment to the Arizona Constitution by the legislature relating to State Lands

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Ballot Format

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Proposition 101

Proposed amendment to the Arizona Constitution by the legislature relating to initiative and referendum expenditures

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Proposition 102

Proposed amendment to the Arizona Constitution by the legislature relating to state ownership of securities

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Proposition 103

Proposed amendment to the Arizona Constitution by the legislature relating to Justices of the Peace

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Proposition 104

Proposed amendment to the Arizona Constitution by the legislature relating to initiative petitions

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Proposition 105

Proposed amendment to the Arizona Constitution by the legislature relating to the State Board of Education

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Proposition 200

Proposed by initiative petition relating to voting and public benefits

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Proposition 300

Recommendation of the Commission on Salaries for Elective State Officers relating to legislators' salaries

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Judicial Performance Review

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Removable Voter's Guide



Ballot Measure Voter's Guide




Judicial Performance Review Voter's Guide



Published by

Secretary of State Janice K. Brewer

1700 West Washington Street, 7th Floor

Phoenix, Arizona 85007


The Secretary of State is an equal opportunity employer.


Dear Arizona Voter:


Welcome to the 2004 General Election Publicity Pamphlet. The Publicity Pamphlet is one of the most important tools that Arizonans use in deciding how to vote. There is a great deal of information here and it is my hope you will find it useful.


This pamphlet is divided into three parts: (1) general information about voting; (2) information about each proposition that will appear on the ballot, including the actual language of the measure followed by a description of what the measure does and arguments for and against the measure; and (3) the 2004 Voter Information Guide on the judges that will appear on the ballot.


The following are some important dates to remember:

If you are military or an overseas citizen, you may request an early ballot, receive voter registration materials, a Federal Post Card Application and ballot by mail or fax. For more information, please visit my Web site, www.azsos.gov, and click on the "Military and Overseas Voter" icon on the right side of the home page.


I encourage you to visit my Web site, www.azsos.gov, for more information about the 2004 General Election. Thanks to each of you for taking the time to study the issues and candidates on the ballot. And, more importantly, thank you for taking the time to make your voice heard by voting in this historic election.




Janice K. Brewer

Secretary of State





At the time this pamphlet was printed, the verification of initiative petition signatures by the county recorders and court challenges were not yet complete. It is possible that not all of the propositions published in this pamphlet will be on the General Election ballot on November 2, 2004. Please review your ballot carefully before voting.

For information about propositions on the November ballot, visit the Secretary of State's Web site, www.azsos.gov, or call 1-877-THE VOTE (1-877-843-8683). Those measures that achieve ballot status will be listed on the Web site upon completion of the verification process and court proceedings.




This publication is available in alternate formats

The 2004 Publicity Pamphlet is available in alternate formats. Arizona residents who need information about the 2004 ballot propositions in another format should contact the Election Services Division of the Secretary of State's office at 602-542-8683, 1-877-THE VOTE (1-877-843-8683), 1-800-458-5842, or TDD 602-255-8683.

Voter registration assistance

Arizona residents who need assistance with registering to vote should contact the appropriate county recorder at the number listed on page 8.

You may register to vote on-line through the EZ Voter Program by visiting the Secretary of State's Web site at www.azsos.gov.

You may also register to vote by mail. Forms are available at government offices and public locations throughout the state. Forms may be requested by calling the appropriate county recorder or by calling 1-877-THE VOTE (1-877-843-8683), TDD 602-255-8683 or by visiting the Secretary of State's Web site at www.azsos.gov

Accessibility for voters

County election officials will accommodate special needs of voters who are physically unable to go to the polls or who need special access or special voting aids at polling places. Arizona residents who need assistance with voting should contact their county election department at the number listed on page 8.




October 4 is the registration deadline for the 2004 General Election.

The Secretary of State is pleased to announce you can now register to vote on-line through the EZ Voter Program. Visit the Secretary of State's Web site at www.azsos.gov to register. EZ Voter is a quick four-step process in English or Spanish that allows you to register in just a couple of minutes. You must have an Arizona driver's license or nonoperating identification license in order to use EZ Voter.

If you do not have an Arizona driver's license or nonoperating identification license, the Secretary of State's Web site also provides a voter registration form that can be filled out and printed on a home computer. Once signed, it can be mailed to the Secretary of State's office. You may also request a voter registration form by calling toll-free within Arizona at 1-877-THE VOTE (1-877-843-8683).

Voter registration forms are also available from the county recorder in each county, as well as at government offices and public locations throughout the state. Completed forms can be sent to the appropriate county recorder listed in this publication on page 8.

For those Arizona residents who are temporarily absent from the state you can register by mailing a registration form to the county recorder in your county of residence.



Any registered voter can vote early in Arizona's 2004 General Election. Between September 30 and October 22, early ballots will be mailed to registered voters who request one.

Registered voters can request an early ballot by telephone, mail or fax. Such requests must be received by your county recorder before 5 p.m. on October 22, 2004. A written request must include the voter's name and address as registered, date of birth, election for which the ballot is requested, address where the voter is temporarily residing (if applicable), and the signature of the voter. In some cases you may be able to request an early ballot on-line. Check with your county recorder, whose information can be found on page 8.

Ballots MUST be received by the county recorder, either by personal delivery or by mail, or may be dropped off at any polling place in the voter's county of residence no later than 7 p.m. on Election Day.



New changes have made it easier for military and overseas personnel to participate in federal and Arizona elections. A special Web site at www.azsos.gov/election/military.htm has been set up to facilitate voter registration and early ballot requests for those military and overseas voters. While on-line you must fill out the Federal Postcard Application (FPCA), which serves as both the voter registration and early ballot request form. You can also request the FPCA from your voting assistance officer or by contacting your county recorder directly (see page 8). You can fax back the completed FPCA request, which will be processed by the appropriate county recorder. Once you have voted your early ballot, you can fax it directly to your county recorder for processing.




The Secretary of State's office is reaching out to corporate and community outreach networks to promote the need for poll workers on Election Day. This important civic responsibility is open to all registered voters in Arizona. Bilingual (Spanish or Native American) speaking poll workers are especially needed. Poll workers are paid for their time and effort. If you are interested, please call your county elections department and volunteer (see page 8).

The Secretary of State's office is encouraging corporations to participate in the "National Poll Worker Initiative" established by the federal Election Assistance Commission by allowing their employees to help on Election Day. If you are interested in supporting this very important initiative, please call your county elections department on page 8.







The 2004 Primary & General Election Candidate Statements Pamphlets are available from the Citizens Clean Elections Commission prior to the start of early voting.

A pamphlet is mailed to every household in Arizona that contains a registered voter. If you would like more information about the Candidate Statements Pamphlets, contact the Citizens Clean Elections Commission at: 602-364-3477; Toll-free number for other Arizona area codes: 1-877-631-8891; Web site address www.ccec.state.az.us; or visit their offices at 1616 West Adams, Suite 110, Phoenix, Arizona 85007.




Any voter may be accompanied into the voting booth and assisted in casting a ballot by a person of his or her choice except for a candidate, other than precinct committeeman, whose name appears on the ballot or by two (2) poll workers of different political parties. In addition, a voter may also be accompanied by a person under the age of 18 pursuant to Arizona's "Youth in the Booth" law. Sample ballots may be brought to the polling place and may be taken into the voting booth at the time of the election. Any qualified voter who is in the line of waiting voters at 7 p.m. on Election Day shall be allowed to prepare and cast a ballot.




  1. The polls are open from 6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.
  2. Please give your full name and place of residence to the election officer in charge of the signature roster. The election officer will determine which type of ballot you will use to cast your vote.
  3. Once you have received your ballot, go to the next available voting booth to cast your vote. Mark your ballot opposite the name of each candidate and ballot measure that reflects your choice.
  4. If you want to vote for a person who is not printed on the ballot, write that person's name on the lines provided and mark the ballot in the appropriate place next to the name you have written.
  5. Ask for assistance if you are physically unable to mark your ballot. Two election officers from opposing political parties will accompany you to the voting booth. They will:
  6. tell you the names of all candidates for each office on the ballot,
  7. tell you the political parties by which the candidates were nominated for each office,
  8. read you the text describing the ballot measures,
  9. ask the name of the candidates and ballot measures that reflect your choice, and
  10. mark your ballot correctly.

Neither of the election officers who assist you with your vote are allowed to influence your vote by recommending or suggesting any candidate, political party for any office or any ballot measure.

  1. If you accidentally spoil your ballot, present it to the election judge. Make sure to conceal any votes you have made on the ballot. Either you or the judge will need to mark the ballot as spoiled, and the judge will give you another ballot on which to cast your vote. You are allowed to spoil no more than three ballots.

If you feel that a violation of the Help America Vote Act of 2002 has occurred, you may contact:

Secretary of State Election Services Division

1700 West Washington Street, 7th Floor

Phoenix, AZ 85007

1-877-THE VOTE



You have a right to vote a provisional ballot if one of the following situations applies to you:

To vote a provisional ballot:

If you vote a provisional ballot, the election official will enter your name on the signature roster. You will be asked to provide your signature next to your name.

Once you have voted a provisional ballot, your ballot will be placed in a provisional ballot envelope, which you can seal. The election official will ensure that the envelope is sealed. You will then be given a provisional ballot receipt with information on how to verify the status of your provisional ballot.



Arizona's New Voting Equipment

For the first time in Arizona's history, every voter at the November 2, 2004 General Election will cast their ballot using optical scan equipment.

The new optical scan voting equipment is part of a national effort to bring more consistent voting processes to each state.


1. On Election Day, to cast your vote simply fill in the oval or connect the arrows on your ballot.

2. When you finish, put your ballot in the secrecy folder if provided.

3. Take your ballot to the election official for your ballot to be optically scanned.


That's it! Voting in Arizona is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

For more information on Arizona's new optical scan voting system visit our Web site at www.azsos.gov or call 1-877-THE VOTE.




Apache County
Margaret A. Coalter

P.O. Box 425

St. Johns, Arizona 85936

Phone 928/337-7514

Fax 928/337-7676

e-mail recorder@co.apache.az.us

Election Officer
Penny L. Pew, Election Director

P.O. Box 428

St. Johns, Arizona 85936

Phone 928/337-7537 Fax 928/337-2003

e-mail ppew@co.apache.az.us

Cochise County
Christine Rhodes

1415 Melody Lane, Building B

Bisbee, Arizona 85603

Phone 520/432-8354

Fax 520/432-8368 TDD 520/432-9297

e-mail recorders@co.cochise.az.us

Election Officer
Thomas Schelling, Election Director

P.O. Box 223

Bisbee, Arizona 85603

Phone 520/432-8970 Fax 520/432-8995

e-mail tschelling@co.cochise.az.us

Coconino County
Candace "Candy" Owens

110 East Cherry

Flagstaff, Arizona 86001-4696

Phone 928/779-6589

Fax 928/779-6739 TDD 928/226-6073

e-mail recrdr@co.coconino.az.us

Election Officer
Patty Hansen, Election Administrator

110 East Cherry

Flagstaff, Arizona 86001

Phone 928/779-6589 or 800/793-6181

Fax 928/779-6739

e-mail elections@co.coconino.az.us

Gila County
Linda Haught Ortega

1400 East Ash Street

Globe, Arizona 85501-1496

Phone 928/425-3231 Ext. 8730

Fax 928/425-9270 TDD 928/425-0829

e-mail lortega@co.gila.az.us

Election Officer
Dixie Mundy, Election Director

1400 East Ash Street

Globe, Arizona 85501-1496

Phone 928/425-3231 Ext. 8708

Fax 928/425-0319

e-mail dmundy@co.gila.az.us

Graham County
Wendy John

921 Thatcher Blvd.

Safford, Arizona 85546

Phone 928/428-3560

Fax 928/348-8625 TDD 928/428-3562

e-mail wjohn@graham.az.gov

Election Officer
Judy Dickerson, Election Coordinator

921 Thatcher Blvd.

Safford, Arizona 85546

Phone 928/428-3250 Fax 928/428-5951

e-mail jdickerson@graham.az.gov

Greenlee County
Berta Manuz

P.O. Box 1625

Clifton, Arizona 85533

Phone 928/865-1717 or 928/865-2632

Fax 928/865-4417 TDD 928/865-2632

e-mail bmanuz@co.greenlee.az.us

Election Officer
Yvonne Pearson, Election Director

P.O. Box 908

Clifton, Arizona 85533

Phone 928/865-2072 Fax 928/865-4417

e-mail ypearson@co.greenlee.az.us

La Paz County
Patricia "Pat" Wall

1112 Joshua Avenue, Suite 201

Parker, Arizona 85344-5755

Phone 928/669-6136

Fax 928/669-5638 TDD 928/669-8400

e-mail pwall@co.la-paz.az.us

Election Officer
Donna J. Hale, Clerk of the Board,
Elections Director

1108 Joshua Avenue

Parker, Arizona 85344

Phone 928/669-6115 Fax 928/669-9709

TDD 928/669-8400

e-mail dhale@co.la-paz.az.us

Maricopa County
Helen Purcell

111 South 3rd Avenue, Suite 103

Phoenix, Arizona 85003-2294

Phone 602/506-1511

Fax 602/506-3069 TDD 602/506-2348

e-mail recorder@risc.maricopa.gov

Election Officer
Karen Osborne, Election Director

111 South 3rd Avenue, Suite 102

Phoenix, Arizona 85003-2294

Phone 602/506-1511 Fax 602/506-3069

e-mail elections@risc.maricopa.gov

Mohave County
Joan McCall

P.O. Box 70

Kingman, Arizona 86402-0070

Phone 928/753-0701 or 928/753-0767

Fax 928/753-0727 TDD 928/753-0769

e-mail joan.mccall@co.mohave.az.us

Election Officer
Allen Tempert, Election Director

P.O. Box 7000

Kingman, Arizona 86402-7000

Phone 928/753-0733 Fax 928/753-2605

e-mail allen.tempert@co.mohave.az.us

Navajo County
Laurette Justman

P.O. Box 668

Holbrook, Arizona 86025-0668

Phone 928/524-4194

Fax 928/524-4308 TDD 928/524-4294

e-mail laurie.justman@co.navajo.az.us

Election Officer
Kelly Dastrup, Election Coordinator

P.O. Box 668

Holbrook, Arizona 86025

Phone 928/524-4062 Fax 928/524-4048

e-mail kelly.dastrup@co.navajo.az.us

Pima County
F. Ann Rodriguez

P.O. Box 3145

Tucson, Arizona 85702-3145

Phone 520/740-4330

Fax 520/623-1785 TDD 520/740-4320

e-mail webmaster@recorder.co.pima.az.us

Election Officer
Brad R. Nelson, Election Director

130 West Congress Street, 8th Floor

Tucson, Arizona 85701

Phone 520/740-4260 Fax 520/620-1414

e-mail elections@exchange.co.pima.az.us

Pinal County
Laura Dean-Lytle

P.O. Box 848

Florence, Arizona 85232-0848

Phone 520/866-7100

Fax 520/866-7170 TDD 520/866-7166

e-mail recorder@co.pinal.az.us

Election Officer
Gilbert Hoyos, Election Director

P.O. Box 1592

Florence, Arizona 85232-1592

Phone 520/866-6236 Fax 520/866-6996

TDD 520/866-6379

e-mail pcelections@co.pinal.az.us

Santa Cruz County
Suzanne "Suzie" Sainz

2150 North Congress Drive

Nogales, Arizona 85621-1090

Phone 520/375-7990

Fax 520/761-7938 TDD 520/761-7816

e-mail ssainz@co.santa-cruz.az.us

Election Officer
Melinda Meek, Clerk of the Board

2150 North Congress Drive

Nogales, Arizona 85621

Phone 520/375-7808 Fax 520/761-7843

e-mail mmeek@co.santa-cruz.az.us

Yavapai County
Patsy C. Jenney-Colon

1015 Fair Street, Room 228

Prescott, Arizona 86305-1852

Phone 928/771-3248

Fax 928/771-3258 TDD 928/771-3530

e-mail judy.allen-wise@co.yavapai.az.us

Election Officer
Lynn Constabile, Election Director

1015 Fair Street, Room 228

Prescott, Arizona 86305

Phone 928/771-3250 Fax 928/771-3446

e-mail lynn.constabile@co.yavapai.az.us

Yuma County
Susan Hightower Marler

410 South Maiden Lane

Yuma, Arizona 85364-2311

Phone 928/373-6020

Fax 928/373-6024 TDD 928/373-6033

e-mail suma@admin.co.yuma.az.us

Election Officer
Sharyn Runyen, Election Officer

198 South Main Street

Yuma, Arizona 85364

Phone 928/373-1014 Fax 928/373-1154

e-mail shru@admin.co.yuma.az.us

The Ballot Format displayed in HTML reflects only the text of the Ballot Proposition and does not reflect how it will appear on the General Election Ballot.
Spelling, grammar, and punctuation were reproduced as submitted in the "for" and "against" arguments.

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