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Submitting Arguments For or Against a Ballot Measure (A.R.S. §19-124)
All Ballot Measure Arguments must be received by Friday, July 14, 2006 at 5 p.m. at:
Secretary of State
Election Services
1700 W. Washington Street, 7th Floor
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Fee for Submitting an Argument
The fee for submitting an argument for or against a ballot measure is $100.00. The cost is reduced to $75.00 if the argument is submitted electronically (on floppy disk or CD) along with a paper copy backup. The Secretary of State recommends that every argument be submitted in electronic format to ensure accuracy during publication.

Filing Guidelines for Ballot Measure Arguments
Before filing the Argument, please make sure:
· The argument is 300 words or less. It cannot be accepted if it is longer than 300 words.
· The argument is written exactly how the filer wants it to appear in the pamphlet. The argument will be entered into the pamphlet verbatim; no grammatical or textual changes will be made to the document.
· The argument contains the original signature (no faxed signatures) of each person sponsoring it.

a) For arguments filed and paid for by an individual, only the signature of the individual is required.
b) For arguments sponsored by an organization or corporation (not a Political Committee), it must be signed by at least two executive officers, and must be identified by group name.
c) For arguments sponsored by a Political Committee, it must be signed by the committee’s chairman OR treasurer, and must be identified by committee name.
* Payment of the deposit or reimbursement of the payer constitutes sponsorship of the argument.
· The argument includes the name, address or PO Box, city, and telephone number of the person(s) signing (only the name and city of the person(s) signing will appear in the Publicity Pamphlet). Any person(s) may sign an argument that is paid for by a separate entity, but must follow the same guidelines as the sponsor. Also, the group sponsoring the initiative may file an argument on behalf of the proposition. For more information, contact the Election Services Division.