Provisional Ballot, What is it? How is it counted?
You have a right to vote a provisional ballot if one of the following situations apply to you:
If your name does not appear on the precinct register, and you are in the correct polling place. If you have moved to a new address within the county and have not updated your voter registration. If you have legally changed your name and have not updated your voter registration. If you requested an early ballot but did not vote an early ballot. If you have not produced sufficient identification. If you were challenged as a qualified voter.
To vote using a provisional ballot:
1. Sign your name in the signature roster where the election official has entered your name.
2. Vote your provisional ballot.
3. Sign the affirmation on the provisional ballot envelope.
4. Place and seal your ballot in a provisional ballot envelope.
5. You will be given a provisional ballot receipt with information on how to present sufficient identification to the County Recorder if necessary, and how to verify the status of your provisional ballot.
Your provisional ballot will be counted once it has been verified that you have voted at the correct polling place, provided the required identification documents, and are registered to vote in the county in which you voted.
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