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Introduction and Invitation from Secretary of State Ken Bennett

Welcome to the Arizona Secretary of State's Office Virtual Town Hall. Arizona residents can view streaming videos about this year's propositions at home, at work or at their local library. Arizona's military and overseas voters also have an opportunity to 'attend' our Town Halls via this Web page.

On the run and don't have wi-fi available on a laptop? Or, are you using dial-up and don't have high-speed Internet access? We've also provided video transcripts that you can download, print and review.

Print out a free Voter’s Guide for use while watching the online town hall. Mark it and bring it to the polls this November.

The Arizona Secretary of State's Office Virtual Town Hall was taped in front of a live audience on Sept. 22 in the auditorium at Gateway Community College, 108 N. 40th St., in Phoenix. The Sept. 22 event was sponsored by the Secretary of State's Office, Maricopa Community Colleges and Cox Communications. It was open to the public.

Ken Bennett, Arizona Secretary of State


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Attend a 2010 Ballot Proposition Town Hall LIVE this fall. The schedule is posted HERE.

This Town Hall is available on Cox On-Demand.

Video Introduction to Town Hall

Total Run Time:
5 min. 03 Sec.

Ballot Propositions

Proposition 106

Proposición 106


Proposition 107

Proposición 107


Proposition 109

Proposición 109


Proposition 110

Proposición 110


Proposition 111

Proposición 111


Proposition 112

Proposición 112


Proposition 113

Proposición 113


Proposition 203

Proposición 203


Proposition 301

Proposición 301


Proposition 302

Proposición 302

Candidate debates are available for viewing at the Citizens Clean Elections website. For a complete list of debates, click here.