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Proposition 106 - Video Transcript



MODERATOR RICH DUBEK: Thank you very much. We are down to our final Proposition of the evening, and that is Proposition 106.

SECRETARY OF STATE KEN BENNETT: Proposition 106, a yes vote will have the effect of prohibiting the enactment of laws or rules that would require any person, employer, or health care provider, to participate in any health care system.

It will also allow a person or employer to forego health insurance, and pay for health care services directly, without a penalty, and will allow health care providers to accept direct payment without a penalty. It will specifically allow health insurance in private health care systems.

A no vote shall have the effect of retaining the current law regarding a person or entities health care choices.


MODERATOR RICH DUBEK: Thank you, Mr. Secretary. Speaking on the pro side of 106, is Dr. Eric Novack, Chairman of Arizonans for Health Care Freedom.

DR. ERIC NOVACK: Hi. I am Eric Novack, the Chairman of Arizonans for Health Care Freedom – Yes on Prop 106.

Proposition 106, the Arizonan Health Care Freedom Act will amend our state constitution and do two things and two things only.

Number one, it says that all people in Arizona shall have the right to choose to not participate in any health care system plan, without paying a penalty, fine or tax of any kind.

Secondly, it says that if a health care service is legal, no bureaucratic, public or private, ought to ever be able to tell an Arizona family that they cannot spend their own money to get access to that legal health care service.

That's it. Two basic freedoms regarding our healthcare that will go alongside our cherished freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press.

What will Prop 106 not do. Proposition 106 will have absolutely no impact on the state's Medicaid system. It has no impact on AHCCCS at all. It has no impact on Medicare, no impact on Tri-Care benefits, no impact on any health service benefits, no impact on VA benefit. All it does is place basic rights to choose to not participate in the hands of Arizona patients and families.

We need rational health care in this country, with a sustainable safety net health care system. Fundamental to that is keeping the right of health care decision making in the hands of patients and families, and out of the hands of politicians.

Please vote yes on Proposition 106 this November. Please learn more at,

"Against" Arguments

MODERATOR RICH DUBEK: Thank you. Speaking against Proposition 106 is Kyrsten Sinema. She is a Member of the House of Representatives.

MS. KYRSTEN SINEMA: Good evening. I'm here to talk a little bit about Proposition 106, which is a colossal waste of taxpayer dollars and voters time.

In 2008, voters rejected a measure similar to Proposition 106 for merely the same reasons.

The new Federal health law has already gone into effect and is currently law in our country. While the Proponents of Proposition 106 would like to pretend that this isn't true, the bottom line is that they cannot change it.

Proposition 106 if passed, would change absolutely nothing about Arizona's health care system. What it would do however, is prompt lengthy and expensive litigation that our state cannot afford. Arizona is already in two lawsuits concerning the Federal health care law. We do not need a third law, especially not a law that is being litigated at the expense of Arizona's voters. Those funds should go to fund education, which has been severely cut in our state over the last two years.

The individuals who support Proposition 106 hate the new Federal law and would like to see it repealed. But that means that they would repeal important new provisions that have just gone into effect. Such as provisions that ensure that insurance companies will no longer take away health care benefits from children who are born with pre-existing health conditions. Plans that ensure that young adults, whose parents want to keep them on health care, can protect them until the age of 26. Using emergency rooms outside of your plan's network and insuring that the insurance companies no longer have the right to choose your doctor for you.

These are all provisions in the new Federal law that are at jeopardy if continuous and expensive litigation ensues. I would encourage voters to do what they did in 2008, to reject this proposition, and save Arizonans dollars for more worthy measures.

Vote no on Proposition 106.


MODERATOR RICH DUBEK: Thank you, very much. Kyrsten you had the last word tonight. That wraps up our Propositions. We want to thank all of you for being a part of the 2010 Arizona Town Hall , including the Secretary of State, Maricopa County Community Colleges, and Cox Communications, for hosting this event.

We also want to thank Cox viewers for watching. Of course, we encourage all of you to learn as much as possible about what's on that ballot before this November's election. And whatever you do, don't forget to vote.

I'm Rich Dubek, good night.

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