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Proposition 107 - Video Transcript



SECRETARY OF STATE KEN BENNETT: And starting with 107, a yes vote shall have the effect of prohibiting the State from giving preferential treatment to, or discriminate against any person or group, on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin.

The prohibition applies to preferences or discrimination in public employment, education or contracting.

It exempts reasonably necessary qualifications based on sex, existing Court Orders and actions that would result in the loss of federal funds.

The State includes state government, local governments, public college and universities, community colleges and school districts. That's a yes vote.

A no vote on 107 shall have the effect of retaining the current law regarding preferential treatment to, or discrimination against any person or group, based on race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin, in public employment, education or contracting.


MODERATOR RICH DUBEK: Thank you, Mr. Secretary. And our first speaker is speaking on the pro side of 107. She is Jennifer Gratz, Spokeswoman for Yes on 107. You have two minutes.

MS. JENNIFER GRATZ: Thank you. No matter what you call it, affirmative action quotas, diversity goals, race preferences, it's all discrimination. And it's a violation of your civil rights.

A yes vote on Prop 107 ensures that civil rights belong to all people. I don't call it civil rights when my husband is shot out of a promotion because of a racial quota. I don't call it civil rights when my friend's construction firm looses a government contract on account of his boss' race. Like the City of Tucson 's 7 percent bid preferences to minority contractors.

And when your daughter's good grades can't get her into college because she is the wrong skin color, well, that's just wrong. Some where big government went wrong. Somehow they've confused civil rights with quotas that pay for one group over another.

A yes vote on Prop 107 will stop the government from picking winners and losers based on race and sex in three specific areas, public education, public contracting and public employment.

Despite what my Opponent will say, the language of Prop 107 is simple and straightforward. The State shall not grant preferential treatment to, or discriminate against any group or individual, on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin, in the operation of public employment, public contracting and public education.

It's mirrored off of the color-blind language of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. And the same initiative has passed in four states, and has been in place for as many as fourteen years.

My Opponents come from the radical left, like ACORN, and you'll hear many scary “what-ifs” from them. Don't be fooled. They are scare tactics meant to keep these quotas, diversity goals and satisfies in place.

If you don't believe me, simply read the language.

A yes vote on 107 guarantees that everyone, and unlike Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, I really mean everyone. It's a fair and equal chance to compete for good paying jobs, public contracts, and college admission.

Vote yes on 107.

"Against" Arguments

MODERATOR RICH DUBEK: Right on time. Thank you, Jennifer. Speaking against 107, we'd like to introduce Steve Russell, Member of the Arizona Students' Association. Steve, you have two minutes.

MR. STEVE RUSSELL: Hello. My name is Steve Russell. I'm a Senior at A.S.U., and I represent the Arizona Students' Association. But today, I approach you as a concerned citizen of my home state, the great State of Arizona .

Let me first preference with this point. In Arizona's universities, there are no -- there is no affirmative action, there are no racial quotas, and we all benefit from the equal opportunity programs that are currently in place.

Proposition 107, if passed, will bring great harm to university students by removing funding from important programs, such as our Women's Resource Center, which affords health benefits, or sorry, health services, education and support for the unique needs of women.

It can also harm programs such as the Summer Bridge , which affords everyone an equal opportunity to compete. Or even the Hispanic Mother/Daughter program, which helps young women to reach their full potential in college.

Supporters of 107 would have you believe that it their mission to remove racial biases in society. However, while the wording sounds awesome, historically, identical legislation, has resulted in the removal of resources and support services to students who truly needed them.

This initiative is misguided. It is harmful, and it was created by people that we do not want influencing our politics.

Ward Connerly, the writer of this initiative, once graciously accepted financial endorsement from the KKK, and said “God bless them.”

This outsider my friends, does not understand the needs of our state, our home, and our people. In fact, the great State of Arizona already turned him away when Connerly and Crew illegally hired felons, out-of-state special interests to collect petition signatures, falsified signatures and lied to voters to get support for this initiative.

Let me make this point very clearly. The voters in the State of Arizona have already said no to the Ward Connerly initiative, and we must say no again.

On November 2, please vote no on Prop 107. Thank you.


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