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Proposition 110 - Video Transcript



MODERATOR RICH DUBEK: Secretary Bennett now will explain Proposition 110.

SECRETARY OF STATE KEN BENNETT: Thank you. A yes vote on Proposition 110, shall have the effect of authorizing the state, or lease of state trust land, without auction or advertisement, in order to protect military installations and operations.

It will also allow voter approved exchanges of state trust land after public notice and hearing, if the exchange is related to either protecting military facilities, or for land management purposes.

A no vote on 110, shall have the effect of retaining current laws regarding the sale, lease and exchange of state trust lands.


MODERATOR RICH DUBEK: Thank you, very much. And speaking on the pro side of 110, is John Nelson, Member of the Arizona State Senate.

MR. JOHN NELSON: Good evening. Some people said this couldn't be done. The state trust land reform is too tough to do. This past year I worked with economic development leaders from around Arizona , conservation organizations, Chambers of Commerce, and military leaders, to create Proposition 110. We knew that protecting Arizona's military installations were more important than politics. Proposition 110 balances a need for environmental stability, with a parallel need for economic sustainability. This is a vital step in protecting Arizona's most valuable investment in America 's defense infrastructure.

Arizona's military infrastructure generates more than thirty thousand Arizonan jobs, and more than $9 billion dollars in economic activity, and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues on state and local taxes.

Stability of employment and tax revenues produced by the Arizona military industry, are indispensable to the fiscal health of our state. From Yuma to Davis Moffitt, to Fort Wachuka to Luke, Arizona's network of military facilities, compromises an integrated array of bases, testing and training facilities, ranges and air space.

Our location, weather and capabilities combine to create an environment uniquely suited to the mission of objectives and critical to our nation's defense.

Today, there are over nine million acres of state trust land in the state of Arizona . In addition, a significant amount of that acreage is in a checkerboard pattern, created a difficult issue related to land management.

Prop 110 preserves and protects Arizona's lands by converting those special places from restricted state trust lands to public lands managed by other governmental agencies.

The proposition is a transparent process that allows the State Land Commission to exchange lands within the range of military installations and consolidates state trust lands.

With that, the process includes two appraisals, two public hearings, value-for-value exchanges, and voter approval. This is a win-win proposition for Arizona . Please vote yes on Proposition 110.

"Against" Arguments

MODERATOR RICH DUBEK: Thank you, very much. And tonight, we do not have any organized opposition to this proposition, so we will move to Prop 111 and ask the secretary to describe that for us.

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