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Welcome to the new and improved Electronic Lobbyist Filing (ELF) system. Recent improvements now make it easier than ever to become an electronic filer and to file lobbyist expenditure reports. Existing ELF users must reapply to use the new ELF system.

The Electronic Lobbyist Filing system (ELF) allows collection of the information Lobbyists are required to file by law without the paperwork. It allows the lobbyist to enter their own information directly, update it at any time, and have the option of reviewing what is officially filed by them at any time. This removes the time delay, expense, and risk of error in paper filing systems. If you are a lobbyist that is required to file expenditure reports, you can follow the steps in "Getting Started" below to become an electronic filer.
Getting Started:
Steps for lobbyists to become an electronic filer
Using ELF:
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Summary of changes for existing ELF users
General Lobbyist Information:
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