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Electronic Lobbyist Filing Steps

Registered lobbyist are able to apply to use ELF (Electronic Lobbyist Filing) to securely file their Lobbyist Expenditure Reports on-line via the Secretary of State web site ( . There are four things that need to happen before you can start using ELF:

You need to have registered as a lobbyist before you can proceed

Step 1. Register on-line and create your account

Go to the New User Page and complete the required information

Step 2. Submit the ELF Registration Form

Fill out and print the ELF Registration Form


Step 3. Receive an email notification when you are active

You will receive an email notification when we receive your completed form and activate your ELF account.

Step 4. Start Filing!

Once you have successfully completed the registration and have successful email confirmation from the SOS, you are now able to file your quarterly reports electronically. To do this you will need to visit Electronic Lobbyist Filing (ELF) on the SOS web site by clicking HERE

ELF is set up to guide you through the stages of electronic filing.
  1. Entering aggregate of expenses less than twenty dollars
  2. Entering single expenses greater than twenty dollars
  3. Entering special events expenses
  4. Submitting your electronic filing

Click HERE for more details on expense reporting

To login, enter the user id and password you created in Step 1.
ELF will always assume that you are filing for the last reporting period you were eligible to file. If you wish to file for another reporting period, you can change the period using the navigation button on the left.

If you have no expenses to enter for the period, go straight to "Submit Your Filing."
If you experience any problems in filing your reports electronically, the staff at the Secretary of State`s Office will be happy to assist you. We`re also welcome to comments or suggestions you might have about the ELF.


Your user id and password is your electronic signature! You will use it to sign legally binding forms and it holds the same force and effect as your signature on paper forms. Being that it is yours, please take care in safekeeping your user id and password and follow the recommended security precautions:


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