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Presidential Preference Election - March 22, 2016

Qualified Candidates for the Arizona Presidential Preference Election:

Republican Party Candidates

Democratic Party Candidates

Green Party Candidates 

Presidential Preference Election Popular Questions

What is a presidential preference election?

The PPE is a preference election, whereby registered voters of participating, recognized political parties cast their vote for who they prefer the Arizona delegates cast their vote for at their party's national convention.

Is the presidential preference election a primary?

No, the PPE is not a primary election. The primary election will be held on August 30, 2016 and will not contain presidential/vice presidential candidates. The PPE is strictly a preference election and the only candidates that will appear on this ballot are presidential nominees from their respective political parties. 

Can independent voters cast a vote in the presidential preference election?

No, only voters registered with a participating political party may vote in the PPE.

Do all recognized parties participate in the presidential preference election?

They might, but not always. Participation is voluntary per the party’s choice.

I'm on the permanent early voter list. Will I still get my early ballot for the presidential preference election?

Yes, if you are registered with a participating party you will automatically receive an early mail-in ballot if you are already signed up to receive an early ballot.

Will my polling place be the same for the presidential preference election as it is for all other elections?

Polling place locations are always subject to change, no matter what election is being held. For the PPE elections, polling places are consolidated. Make sure to check where your polling location is on VoterView before Election Day.


Special Election - May 17, 2016


View Bill (HCR 2001) as Transmitted to the Secretary of State

View Committee Summary Sheet as Transmitted to the Secretary of State

View Arguments Filed in Favor of Proposition 123

View Arguments Filed Against Proposition 123

Notifications of Contributions to Ballot Measure Committees


Primary Election - August 30, 2016

Primary Election Popular Questions

I am not registered with a recognized party, can I still vote in the Primary Election?

Yes. Arizona has an open primary law that allows any voter who is registered as independent to cast a ballot for one of the officially recognized political parties. The Primary Election is not the same as a Presidential Preference Election, while an independent voter may cast a ballot in a Primary Election, only voters who are registered with a recognized party may cast a ballot at the Presidential Preference Election.

Can I vote for a different party’s candidate on my ballot?

No. If you are registered with a recognized party, you will only be able to vote with that party’s ballot in the Primary Election and as a result you may only vote for that party’s candidates. The General Election ballot will contain the names of candidates who win in the Primary Election, along with any independent candidates and those ballots will not be party specific.

I am an independent voter, why can I not select the independent party’s ballot?

There is no “Independent Party” in the state of Arizona. An independent voter does not belong to ANY party, but is still able to vote a ballot for ONE of the recognized parties in the Primary Election.

Do I have to vote for every office on my ballot?

No, you do not have to vote for every office on your ballot. Your vote will be counted for each office that a vote was cast and all contests left blank will not be counted.

I received my party’s ballot but want to vote for a different party, may I get a new ballot?

If you have received your ballot in the mail already, then you have missed the registration deadline for the current election. In this case, you will not be able to request a ballot type different from the one you received or change your party affiliation for the current election. You may; however, receive a new ballot (of that same party) if you have lost or spoiled the ballot that was originally mailed out to you.


General Election - November 8, 2016

General Election Popular Questions

Why were the independent candidates not included on my ballot in the Primary Election?

An independent candidate who submits enough valid signatures to be “nominated other than by primary” is exempt from participating in the Primary Election (A.R.S. § 16-341). The primary election is reserved for candidates who belong to a recognized political party in the State of Arizona.

When will the Secretary of State officially declare the winners?

The Secretary of State will declare the winners of the election during the official state canvass, which is to be held on the fourth Monday following the General Election. For the 2016 General Election that day will be December 5, 2016.

Do I have to vote for every office on my ballot?

No, you do not have to vote for every office on your ballot. Your vote will be counted for each office that a vote was cast and all contests left blank will not be counted.


Apply to be a Poll Worker

The state of Arizona is looking for qualified individuals who are willing to work on election day as poll workers.

The 2016 Election Cycle is going to be busier than ever as America elects a new President. This means more Arizona voters are going to show up on Election Day than ever before. With more than 1,500 polling locations and seven positions needed per location, Arizona will need approximately 10,000 poll workers for the day of the election. All poll workers will undergo training and will be compensated for their time.

Do you qualify to be a poll worker

  • Must be at least 16 years old
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen
  • Must attend required training
  • Must be available for either the Primary Election, August 30 and/or the General Election, November 8
  • Must be a Registered Voter (Unless participating in a student program)

What are the responsibilities of a poll worker?

  • Assisting in setting up and taking down the polling location
  • Providing direct help to voters as necessary
  • Knowing how to properly operate the voting equipment
  • Checking voter ID
  • Issuing voters their proper ballot
  • Serving all voters promptly and with specific sensitivity to voters with special needs.

Apply Today To Be A Poll Worker