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The Great Seal of Arizona or any likeness from the Great Seal of Arizona may not be used or reproduced without written permission from the Office of the Secretary of State. The use of the seal is governed by A.R.S. § 41-130. This statute prohibits certain uses of the state seal, specifically those used for a commercial purpose. Such use on products or services may be perceived as endorsement by the state.

Secretary Reagan affixes the great seal, with her attestation, to public instruments to which the official signature of the governor is attached under A.R.S. § 41-121(4). It is also attached to Secretary of State proclamations, certified copies of filed documents, to election canvass' and the Presidential Elector Ballot - Certificate of Vote that is filed with the president of the U.S. Senate and the National Archives and Records Administration, among other public records.


The secretary acts as the custodian under A.R.S. § 41-121(3). This means the office has authority to grant or withhold the use of reproductions of the seal, whether electronic or on paper, or any part thereof.

The office policy prohibits the use of the state seal except for official state of Arizona (governmental) business or educational purposes.

Secretary Reagan grants and denies permission to use the Great Seal of the State of Arizona under A.R.S. § 41-130 which states,

"41-130. Use of state seal restricted; violation; classification
A person may use, display or otherwise employ any facsimile, copy, likeness, imitation or other resemblance of the great seal of this state only after obtaining the approval of the secretary of state. The secretary of state may grant a certificate of approval upon application by any person showing good cause for the use of the great seal of this state for a proper purpose. The great seal of this state shall in no way be employed by anyone other than a state agency for the purpose of advertising or promoting the sale of any article of merchandise whatever within this state or for promoting any other commercial purpose. The secretary of state may promulgate rules for the use of the great seal of this state or any facsimile, copy, likeness, imitation or other resemblance of the great seal. Any person who knowingly violates this section is guilty of a class 3 misdemeanor.


Any person who wishes to use the state seal must state their intended purpose in writing to Secretary Reagan. The letter should show good cause to use the seal for its intended purpose under the law.

Contact the office at (602) 542-0681 for more information or mail your request to:

Michele Reagan
Secretary of State
1700 W. Washington St., 7th Fl.
Phoenix, AZ 85007

State agencies, boards and commissions. The office grants permission for members of these entities to use the state seal on business cards and letterhead for official state business.

Legislative Branch/House of Representatives and Senate. The office grants permission for members of the Legislative branch to use the state seal on business cards and letterhead for official state business.

Certificate of Approval

  • Upon review the office grants a "certificate of approval" for those proving good cause. Those approved can choose from many electronic formats for publications or electronic use. Simply conduct us with the your file requirements.
  • Upon review the office may deny the use of the seal under A.R.S. § 41-130. The requestor will receive such notice in the form of a letter.

Ordering Business Cards/Letterhead

The official seal of the State of Arizona is the Motter Seal as adopted in Article 22, Section 20 of the Arizona Constitution. There are two versions, a black and white and color seal, both which can be used with permission. It shall not be altered. The black and white seal can be made a "spot" color of either gold or copper on business cards and letterhead.

The office encourages the state entities to use Arizona Correctional Industries under SCR 1009, 51st Legislature, First Regular Session for print jobs. Make sure to request the "original Motter state seal." Visit

We understand an agency may choose to use a vendor or outside source (bid) to print the seal on documents, annual reports, letterhead, etc. Please make them aware that they are restricted of its use, and shall use the seal only as permitted in the "certificate of approval." We recommend a copy of the certificate be included with the request for proposal or purchase order.

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