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For the Arizona Electronic Signature Infrastructure (AESI)
Version 1.00
September 1999


  1. These procedures are a compilation of several stand-alone documents that form a "meta" document. As a whole, it defines what the Policy Authority is, why it exists, what it does and, importantly, how it operates.

    Where one begins depends on what one already knows about electronic signatures and about the implementation of electronic signatures in Arizona.

      1. The Introduction is a fast "lay of the land" look at Arizona's implementation.
      2. The Overview gives a deeper description of why it is structured the way it is.
      3. The Procedures define, as the title states, the general procedures the Policy Authority employs to manage electronic signature use within the government of Arizona.
      4. The Certificate Policies define specific types of implementations of electronic signatures.
      5. The Agency Implementation Guidelines outlines various prescriptions, recommendations and hints for the agencies beginning pilots.
      6. Definitions & Acronyms define the various unique terms and acronyms used throughout these documents.
      7. Miscellaneous Exhibits include various model documents, presentations and discussions that are helpful but not crucial to implementing electronic signatures within Arizona's agencies.