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The Goddard Administration 2009-2010

Biography - Terry Goddard (Dem.)

Throughout his career, Terry Goddard has fought to improve the lives of Arizonans -- a commitment he continues as the State's top law enforcement officer. Since first taking the oath as Attorney General in 2003, Terry has focused on protecting Arizona families:

  • Working to reduce crime and taking action against illegal trafficking in drugs, arms, money and human beings.
  • Leading the fight against methamphetamine and helping achieve a dramatic reduction in statewide meth use.
  • Fighting cyber crime, especially identity theft and Internet crimes against children.
  • Suing drug manufacturers and predatory lenders for illegal and unfair business practices.
  • Pursuing consumer fraud lawsuits, which have returned millions of dollars to Arizona consumers and forced significant changes in business practices.
  • Working to protect Arizona's environment, gaining a record $12 million environmental damage settlement against a land developer.
  • Going after car dealers and other companies that use deceptive advertising.
  • Working to protect Arizona elders from fraud, exploitation and abuse

In June of 2010, he received the prestigious Kelley-Wyman Award, the highest honor of the National Association of Attorneys General.

Terry's 30-year legal career began when he was hired by the Arizona Attorney General's Office as a white-collar crime prosecutor.

He was elected Mayor of Phoenix four times, leading the City from 1984 to 1990. During those years, Phoenix made significant strides in expanding and modernizing law enforcement and setting up nationally-recognized programs in economic development, the arts and historic preservation. He was elected President of the National League of Cities in 1989 and named "Municipal Leader of the Year" by City and County Magazine.

From 1995 to 2002, Terry served as Arizona Director for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). In 2000, he was elected to the board of the Central Arizona Water Conservation District, which manages the Central Arizona Project.

Terry is an Arizona native, born and raised in Tucson. His father, Sam Goddard, served as Arizona's Governor in the 1960s. Terry received his law degree from Arizona State University. He served an active duty tour in the Navy and retired as a Commander after 27 years in the Naval Reserves. He and his wife Monica have a young son.

Contact Information

The Attorney General's Office is located in the State Capitol Complex.

The mailing address is:
The Honorable Terry Goddard
1275 W. Washington Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

(602) 542-5025
Fax (602) 542-4085

Phoenix Office
1275 W. Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Tucson Office
400 W. Congress
South Building, Ste. 315
Tucson, AZ 85701-1367
(520) 628-6504
Fax (520) 628-6530

Key Staff & Office Divisions

Executive Office

Terry Fenzl
Terry Fenzl
Chief of Staff

Tim Nelson
Tim Nelson
Chief Deputy

The Executive Office is led by the Attorney General, Chief of Staff and Chief Deputy who provide the Office with overall policy and management. The Executive Office staff includes a Director of Community Outreach and Education, Director of Legislative Affairs, and Director of Communications. The Executive Office is the focal point for policy development, external communications, emergencies, and issues that are sensitive or have broad impact.

Criminal Division
Don Conrad
Don Conrad
Chief Counsel

The Criminal Division's mission is to protect the citizens of Arizona by successfully investigating and aggressively and fairly prosecuting criminal cases within the State of Arizona and in representing the State in capital and non-capital appeals.

Public Advocacy Division
Susan Segal
Susan Segal
Chief Counsel

The Public Advocacy Division is made up of Consumer Protection and Environmental Enforcement. The Division pursues those who prey upon the public and threaten the economic and environmental well-being of Arizonans. The Division's attorneys provide legal advice to the State's Banking, Real Estate, and Insurance Departments. (Continued)

Child and Family Protection Division
Nicole Davis
Nicole Davis
Chief Counsel

The Child and Family Protection Division (CFP) provides comprehensive legal representation to ADES, with more than 320 employees in locations throughout Arizona.

Civil Division
Pam Culwell
Pam Culwell
Chief Counsel

The Civil Division provides comprehensive legal services for its many clients across State government in lawsuits concerning employment discrimination, personal injuries, licensing, property damage, and constitutional law issues. It also defends the State against liability lawsuits.

Civil Rights Division
Melanie Pate
Melanie Pate
Chief Counsel

The mission of the Civil Rights Division is to enforce civil rights laws, increase public awareness of civil rights, and provide dispute resolution services. The Division's major duty is to enforce state and federal statutes that prohibit discrimination in employment, voting, public accommodations, disability, and housing by investigating and litigating civil rights complaints.

Finance Division
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson
Chief Counsel

The Finance Division provides legal advice, litigation, budgetary, contract, accounting and financial control services and advice to the Office and to the executive and judicial branches of State government.

Employee Services Division
Susan Schmaltz
Susan Schmaltz
Division Director

The Employee Services Office consists of Human Resources and Facilities Management. Human Resources provides internal support for employee benefits and records, employee relations, and personnel practices. Facilities Management oversees building maintenance, security, and loss prevention issues.

Solicitor General's Office
Mary O'Grady
Mary O'Grady
Solicitor General

The Solicitor General's Office is responsible for:
• Ensuring the quality of the Attorney General Office's appellate practice;
• Overseeing the preparation and publication of official Attorney General Opinions;
• Representing the Clean Elections Commission and Secretary of State on election law issue and handling civil election law and campaign finance enforcements;
• Providing independent advice to State government agencies and boards in administrative proceedings in which Assistant Attorney Generals serve as advocates;
• Reviewing constitutional challenges to Arizona state laws and representing the State in selected cases;
• Coordinating the Attorney General Office's continuing legal education (CLE) program;
• Providing advice to all attorneys of the AG's Office involving ethics issues;
• Coordinating the work of the Open Meeting Law Enforcement Team and the Public Records Task Force.


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