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The Martin Administration 2009-2010

Biography - Dean Martin (Rep.)

Dean Martin was elected in 2006 as State Treasurer, Arizona's Chief Financial Officer, responsible for the prudent custody and management of state and local monies. The Treasurer also serves as the Chairman of the State Board of Investment, and State Loan Commission, as the State Surveyor General and on the State Land Selection Board. Treasurer Martin is currently second in line of succession to the Governor.

Dean has opened government finances to the public on his website He is a three-time "Freedom of Information Award" winner for his leadership in opening government and improving access to public records.

Treasurer Martin was recognized by the Business Journal in 2004 as one of Arizona's top community leaders. Dean has also been recognized nationally as "Hero of the Taxpayer."

Treasurer Martin previously served six years as a State Senator and Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. Treasurer Martin graduated from Arizona State University with the first degree in Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship.

Treasurer Martin established to continue his wife's charitable efforts in water safety and financial literacy.

Contact Information

The Treasurer's Office is located in the Executive Tower at the State Capitol.

The mailing address is:
The Honorable Dean Martin
1700 W. Washington Street, 1st Floor
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

(602) 604-7800
Fax (602) 542-7176

Key Staff & Office Divisions

Executive Staff
Klint Tegland
Deputy Treasurer of Operations

Mark Swenson
Deputy Treasurer - Strategic Planning & Research

Kimberly Yee
Director of Communications & Government Affairs

Christine Halvorson
Director of Customer & Investor Relations

Investment Services

Tim White
Senior Portfolio Manager

Chris Petkiewicz
Portfolio Manager

Patty Humbert
Portfolio Manager

Banking Services

Carlton Woodruff
Assistant Deputy Treasurer - Banking Services

Custodial Securities

Katharine Jaramillo
Safekeeping Admin. Assistant

Lorraine Jones
Assistant Deputy Treasurer - Administrative Services

Local Government Investment Pool (LGIP)
Dale Stomberg
Assistant Deputy Treasurer - Investment Accounting

Non-State Deposits
Susan Secheslingloff
Non-State Deposits Accountant

Wilda Foley
Receipting Supervisor


December 2010