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Joint Legislative Budget Committee 2009-2010

Richard Stavneak, Director (Appointed by JLBC)



Rep. John Kavanagh - Chairman 2009
Rep. Andy Biggs
Rep. Olivia Cajero Bedford
Rep. Cloves C. Campbell, Jr.
Rep. Matt Heinz
Rep. John McComish
Rep. Rick Murphy
Rep. Vic Williams


Sen. Russell K. Pearce - Chairman 2010
Sen. Paula Aboud
Sen. Amanda Aguirre
Sen. David Braswell
Sen. Chuck Gray
Sen. Jack W. Harper
Sen. Steve Pierce
Sen. Rebecca Rios


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Contact Information

Arizona Joint Legislative Budget Committee
Joint Legislative Budget Committee
1716 W. Adams
Phoenix, AZ 85007
(602) 926-5491

E-mail addresses
The general format for reaching JLBC Staff via e-mail is first letter of the first name plus the last name


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Key Staff and Divisions


James Alcantar
Juan Beltran
Eric Billings
Jack Brown
Aaron Galeener
Steve Grunig
Bob Hull
Eric Jorgensen
Leatta McLaughlin
Linda Monsanto
Ted Nelson
Hans Olofsson
Steve Schimpp
Sandy Schumacher
Stefan Shepherd
Richard Stavneak
Art Smith
Mya Trivison
Amy Upston
Marge Zylla



Accountancy, State Board of Steve Grunig
Acupuncture Examiners Board of Steve Grunig
Administration, Arizona Department of Juan Beltran
Administrative Hearings, Office of Bob Hull
Agriculture, Arizona Department of Juan Beltran
AHCCCS Amy Upston/Aaron Galeener
Appraisal, State Board of Steve Grunig
Arts, Arizona Commission on the Bob Hull
Athletic Training, Board of Steve Grunig
Attorney General - Department of Law Marge Zylla
Auditor General Steve Grunig
Automobile Theft Authority Eric Billings
Barbers, Board of Steve Grunig
Behavioral Health Examiners, Board of Steve Grunig
Biomedical Research Commission, AZ Amy Upston
Capital Postconviction Public Defender Office, State James Alcantar
Charter Schools, State Board for Ted Nelson
Chiropractic Examiners, State Board of Steve Grunig
Citizens Clean Election Commission Jack Brown
Commerce, Department of Eric Billings
Community Colleges, Arizona Marge Zylla
Compensation Fund, State Bob Hull
Constable Ethics Standards & Training Board James Alcantar
Contractors, Registrar of Bob Hull
Corporation Commission Juan Beltran
Corrections, State Department of Stefan Shepherd
Cosmetology, Board of Steve Grunig
Criminal Justice Commission, AZ James Alcantar
Deaf and the Blind, AZ St. Schools for the Jack Brown
Deaf and the Hard of Hearing, Commission for the Bob Hull
Dental Examiners, State Board of Bob Hull
Drug and Gang Prevention Resource Center, AZ James Alcantar
Early Childhood Development and Health Board, AZ Jack Brown
Economic Security, Department of Aaron Galeener
Education, Department of Steve Schimpp
Emergency and Military Affairs, Department of Eric Billings
Environmental Quality, Department of James Alcantar
Equal Opportunity, Governor's Office of Bob Hull
Equalization, State Board of Bob Hull
Executive Clemency, Board of James Alcantar
Exposition & State Fair Board, AZ Steve Grunig
Financial Institutions, Department of Steve Grunig
Fire, Building and Life Safety, Department of Ted Nelson
Forester, State Art Smith
Funeral Directors & Embalmers, State Board of Steve Grunig
Game and Fish Department, Arizona Ted Nelson
Gaming, Department of Ted Nelson
Geological Survey, Arizona Ted Nelson
Government Information Technology Agency Ted Nelson
Governor, Office of the Bob Hull
Governor's Office of Strategic Planning & Budgeting Bob Hull
Health Services, Department of Art Smith
Historical Society, Arizona Bob Hull
Historical Society of AZ, Prescott Bob Hull
Homeland Security, Arizona Department of Eric Billings
Homeopathic  & Integrated Medicine Examiners, Board of Steve Grunig
House of Representatives Bob Hull
Housing, Arizona Department of Eric Billings
Independent Redistricting Commission Jack Brown
Indian Affairs, AZ Commission of Bob Hull
Industrial Commission of Arizona Bob Hull
Insurance, Department of Eric Billings
Joint Legislative Budget Committee Bob Hull
Judiciary - Supreme Court James Alcantar
Judiciary - Court of Appeals - Division I James Alcantar
Judiciary - Court of Appeals - Division II James Alcantar
Judiciary - Superior Court James Alcantar
Juvenile Corrections, Department of Eric Billings
Land Department, State Ted Nelson
Law Enforcement Merit System Council Eric Billings
Legislative Council Bob Hull
Liquor Licenses & Control, Department of James Alcantar
Lottery Commission, Arizona State Ted Nelson
Medical Board, Arizona Bob Hull
Medical Student Loans, Board of Steve Grunig
Mine Inspector, State Ted Nelson
Mines & Mineral Resources, Department of Ted Nelson
Naturopathic Physicians Medical Board Steve Grunig
Navigable Stream Adjudication Commission, AZ James Alcantar
Nursing, State Board of Bob Hull
Nursing Care Institution Administrators and Assisted Living Facility Managers, Bd. of Examiners Steve Grunig
Occupational Safety & Health Review Board Bob Hull
Occupational Therapy Examiners, Board of Steve Grunig
Opticians, State Board of Dispensing Steve Grunig
Optometry, State Board of Steve Grunig
Osteopathic Examiners, AZ Board of James Alcantar
Parents Commission on Drug Education and Prevention, AZ James Alcantar
Parks Board, Arizona State Art Smith
Personnel Board Bob Hull
Pest Management, Office of James Alcantar
Pharmacy, AZ State Board of Bob Hull
Physical Therapy Examiners, Board of Steve Grunig
Pioneers' Home, Arizona Aaron Galeener
Podiatry Examiners, State Board of Steve Grunig
Postsecondary Education, Commission for Marge Zylla
Power Authority, Arizona James Alcantar
Private Postsecondary Education, State Bd. for Marge Zylla
Psychologist Examiners, State Board of Steve Grunig
Public Safety, Department of Eric Billings
Public Safety Personnel Retirement System Marge Zylla
Racing, Arizona Department of Bob Hull
Radiation Regulatory Agency Eric Billings
Rangers' Pensions, Arizona Steve Grunig
Real Estate Department, State Steve Grunig
Residential Utility Consumer Office Juan Beltran
Respiratory Care Examiners, Board of Steve Grunig
Retirement System, Arizona State Marge Zylla
Revenue, Department of Juan Beltran
School Facilities Board  Jack Brown
Secretary of State - Department of State Jack Brown
Senate Bob Hull
State Boards' Office Steve Grunig
Tax Appeals, State Board of Bob Hull
Technical Registration, State Board of Steve Grunig
Tourism, Office of Ted Nelson
Transportation, Department of Juan Beltran
Treasurer, State Eric Billings
     Regents, Arizona Board of Leatta McLaughlin
     Arizona State University - Tempe/DPC Leatta McLaughlin
     Arizona State University - East Campus Leatta McLaughlin
     Arizona State University - West Campus Leatta McLaughlin
     Northern Arizona University Marge Zylla
     University of Arizona - Main Campus Leatta McLaughlin
     University of Arizona - Health Sciences Center Leatta McLaughlin
Veterans' Services, Arizona Department of Amy Upston
Veterinary Medical Examining Board, AZ State Steve Grunig
Water Resources, Department of Aaron Galeener
Weights and Measures, Department of James Alcantar

Other Assigned Areas

Economic and Revenue Forecasts:
Budget Stabilization Fund
Corporate Income Tax
Interest Revenue
Individual Income Tax
Property Tax
Insurance Premium Taxes
Luxury Tax
Sales Tax
Vehicle License Tax
Lottery Revenues
Eric Jorgensen/Hans Olofsson
Hans Olofsson
Ted Nelson
Eric Billings
Hans Olofsson
Hans Olofsson
Eric Billings
Eric Billings
Hans Olofsson
Juan Beltran
Ted Nelson
Capital Review Analyst Leatta McLaughlin
Capital Review Analyst - Debt Financing Martin Lorenzo
Fiscal Note Manager Stefan Shepherd
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