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I.P. "Ike" Frazier



Served: Jan. 30, 1929 – 1930
Born: Dec. 2, 1874, near Marshall, Clark County, Ill.
Died: Sept. 16, 1932, Miami, Gila County, Ariz.
Buried: Masonic Cemetery, Nogales, Santa Cruz County, Ariz.

Gov. John C. Phillips appointed I. P. "Ike" Fraizer to the Office of the Secretary of State on Jan. 30, 1929, who accepted the position.

In the past editions of printed Blue Books, Mr. Fraizer's name was spelled incorrectly. At the request of his granddaughter the name has been corrected in this edition of the Arizona Blue Book. (Request made Aug. 20, 2008, by Kathryn Fraizer Smith)

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When Secretary of State, J. C. Callaghan died, Gov. John C. Phillips first appointed George W. Nickle to the office on Jan. 29, 1929, who declined the appointment the next day.

  Name:  Isaac “Ike” Peter Fraizer
Name as Secretary of State:  I.P. “Ike” Fraizer
Other Elected Offices: Arizona House of Representatives:
Party:  Republican
Office Years:  1921 – 1922
Education:  B.S. in Mining Engineering, School of Mines and Metallurgy, University of Missouri, 1900
Military Service:  
Occupations:  Homesteader, 1910 near Elgin, Arizona; mining and civil engineer; Chief Maintenance Engineer, State Highway Department; manager, Texaco Oil Co.
Notable: He died in an explosion and fire at a Texaco Oil Co. gasoline storage plant.
Sources:  AZ death record under name:  Issac (sic) Peter Frazier (sic) but World War I draft registration name and signature:  “Isaac Peter Fraizer” and passport application and children’s birth records are all under Fraizer; Birth:  World War I draft registration and mother’s affidavit attached to passport application; Burial:  Ancestry family tree records by:  kasmit4432; Occupations:  AZ death record, U. S. AZ census records, Highways Green Book, Third Annual Edition, 1922.  Washington, DC:  American Automobile Association, 1922, Ancestry family tree records by:  kasmit4432; Education based on:  Thesis/Dissertation:  The Extraction of Gold and Silver from Ore by the Cyanide Process, online May 16, 2011 at: