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About the office
About the office
There are many kinds of secretaries, like the secretaries at your school. All secretaries do important jobs.

The Arizona Secretary of State files papers in his office. That means many papers are saved here for all to see.

This paperwork needs to be around for a long time. The secretary's staff help put the papers in order to find later.

You know how hard it is to find your baseball glove or favorite doll when you've got a messy room?  The papers need to be neat and tidy before being put away. When someone like your mom or dad wants these papers she needs to find them quickly!

Things that you learn in school, like numbers and the alphabet, are used to help organize these papers and other stuff. That's why it is important to study! You will use things you learn now in your job when you grow up.

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Arizona's Secretary of State often assists the Governor and will act as Governor when the Governor is out of state.