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Supp. 12-1


1. Radiation Regulatory Agency


1. General Provisions

2. Registration, Installation, and Service of Ionizing Radiation-producing Machines; and Certification of Mammography Facilities

3. Radioactive Material Licensing

4. Standards for Protection against Ionizing Radiation

5. Sealed Source Industrial Radiography

6. Use of X-rays in the Healing Arts

7. Medical Uses of Radioactive Material

8. Radiation Safety Requirements for Analytical X-ray Operations

9. Particle Accelerators

10. Notices, Instructions, and Reports to Ionizing Radiation Workers; Inspections

11. Industrial Uses of X-rays, not Including Analytical X-ray Systems

12. Administrative Provisions

13. License and Registration Fees

14. Registration of Nonionizing Radiation Sources and Standards for Protection Against Nonionizing Radiation

15. Transportation

16. Reserved

17. Wireline Service Operations and Subsurface Tracer Studies

2. Radiation Regulatory Agency - Medical Radiologic Technology Board of Examiners Division


1. General Provisions

2. Application and Certification of Technologists

3. Licensing Time-frames

4. Schools of Practical Radiologic Technology

5. Nuclear Medicine Technologist

6. Practical Technologist in Bone Densitometry

3. Reserved

4. Game and Fish Commission


1. Definitions and General Provisions

2. Miscellaneous Licenses and Permits

3. Taking and Handling of Wildlife

4. Live Wildlife

5. Boating and Water Sports

6. Rules of Practice Before the Commission

7. Heritage Grants

8. Wildlife Areas and Department Property

9. Arizona Wildlife Conservation Fund Grants

10. Reserved

11. Aquatic Invasive Species

5. Land Department


1. General Provisions

2. Practice and Procedure in Administrative Hearings for Protesting Auctions Before the Arizona State Land Commissioner

3. Selections, Investigations, Classifications and Appraisals

4. Sales

5. Leases

6. Improvements (Reserved)

7. Special Leasing Provisions

8. Rights-of-Way

9. Exchanges

10. Expired

11. Special Use Permits

12. Repealed

13. Repealed

14. Repealed

15. Repealed

16. Repealed

16.1 Renumbered

17. Natural Resource Conservation Districts

18. Mineral Leases

19. Prospecting Permits

20. Common Mineral Materials and Natural Products

21. Oil and Gas Leases

22. Geothermal Resources

23. Board of Appeals

24. Expired

25. Classifying Trust Lands as Suitable for Conservation Purposes

6. Repealed (formerly Arizona State Museum)

7. Oil and Gas Conservation Commission


1. Oil, Gas, Helium, and Geothermal Resources

2. Repealed

8. Arizona State Parks Board


1. General Provisions

2. Operation of the Board

3. State Historic Preservation Office Programs

9. Repealed


12. Repealed

13. Reserved

14. Arizona Power Authority


1. General

2. Availability of Long-Term Power; Application for Electric Service; Power Purchase Certificates

3. Service to Purchasers

4. Administration of Power

5. Records

6. Conferences

15. Department of Water Resources


1. Fees

2. Procedural Rules

3. Stockpond and Other Surface Water Rules

4. Licensing Time-frames

5. Reserved

6. Reserved

7. Assured and Adequate Water Supply

8. Well Construction and Licensing of Well Drillers

9. Water Measurement

10. Reporting Requirements for Annual Reports, Annual Accounts, Operating Flexibility Accounts, and Conveyances of Groundwater Rights

11. Inspections and Audits

12. Dam Safety Procedures

13. Well Spacing Requirements; Replacement Wells in Approximately the Same Location

16. Repealed

17. Arizona Navigable Stream Adjudication Commission

1. Hearings

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