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December 1, 2006

Pursuant to A.R.S. § 41-1021.02, the Office of the Secretary of State provides the following agenda for rulemaking activity.

§ 41-1021.02. State agencies; annual regulatory agenda

A. On or before December 1 of each year, each agency, except for a self-supporting regulatory board as defined in section 41-1092, shall prepare and make available to the public the regulatory agenda that the agency expects to follow during the next calendar year.

B. The regulatory agenda shall include all of the following:

1. A notice of docket openings.

2. A notice of any proposed rule making, including potential sources of federal funding for each proposed rule making.

3. A review of existing rules.

4. A notice of final rulemaking.

C. The regulatory agenda shall also provide for the following information:

1. Any rule making terminated during the current calendar year.

2. Any privatization option and nontraditional regulatory approach being considered by the agency.

D. This section does not prohibit an agency from undertaking any rule making action even if that action has not been included in the agency’s annual regulatory agenda.

Historical Note: Added by Laws 2002, Ch. 334, § 3, effective August 22, 2002.


1. Docket Openings for 2007: None expected.

2. Proposed Rulemaking for 2007: None expected.

3. Review of Existing Rules: None expected, unless necessitated by legislative changes to the APA or changes to 1 A.A.C. 6, the rules of the Governor’s Regulatory Review Council.

4. Final Rulemaking and Termination of Rulemaking: It is expected that a Final Rulemaking Package will be filed based on the following rulemaking activity from 2005.

[Professional Employer Organizations - The Office of the Secretary of State is making rules addressing registration fees; alternative registration; length of probation; and hearings and penalties regarding professional employer organizations. In accordance with A.R.S. §§ 23-564(D), 23-568(A), and 23-575(E)(4) and (F), the Secretary of State shall adopt rules to implement A.R.S. Title 23, Chapter 3, Article 4 and pursuant to Title 41, Chapter 6.]
  • 7/1/2005 R05-266 02 A.A.C. 12 Office of the Secretary of State - Notice of Docket Opening, Administrative Register Date 7/22/2005, Issue 30 page 2743
  • 10/21/2005 R05-403 02 A.A.C. 12 Office of the Secretary of State - Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, Administrative Register Date 10/28/2005, Issue 44 page 4183

Please review the 2007 Administrative Register Table of Contents or the Rulemaking Filing Log for possible additions or changes to this agenda.