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October 20, 2006
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Sec. of State Brewer Gets ID at Polls Reinstated

Voters Prevail in Having ID at Polls and Proof of Citizenship Upheld

PHOENIX -- The United States Supreme Court today supported Secretary of State Brewer’s emergency appeal to uphold Arizona’s identification at the polls and proof of citizenship provisions for this coming November 7th general election. The court decision was a big victory for Secretary of State Brewer, as the ruling specifically vacated the recent decision by the Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco to suspend the Arizona voting requirements pending further litigation.

“It was unconscionable to me that two judges on the Court of Appeals in San Francisco would attempt to topple the will of over 1 million Arizona voters,” stated Secretary of State Jan Brewer, “I am absolutely thrilled that our hard work on behalf of the voters of Arizona prevailed and these important voting safeguards will remain in place for the upcoming election,” stated Secretary of State Jan Brewer.

The Supreme Court noted that the Ninth Circuit, “offered no explanation or justification for its order.” The Court also stated, “A State indisputably has a compelling interest in preserving the integrity of its election process.”

Brewer said, “I am absolutely thrilled by this victory, and I am equally committed to educating Arizona voters that they need to bring proper identification to the polling place.” Added Secretary Brewer, “Clearly, Arizona voters comprehend that requiring someone to provide identification – just as we do to board an airplane or purchase liquor – is a legal and reasonable safeguard that was successfully implemented during this past primary election without any major problems reported.”

Results from several of the 15 Arizona counties show that during the September 2006 primary election, over 99 percent of all Arizona voters successfully followed the laws surrounding identification requirements and cast a ballot.

Today’s ruling by the Court is the final decision on Arizona’s new voting requirements for November 7th election.

The Supreme Court affirmed the District Court judge ruling from last month which concluded that the voter identification and proof of citizenship laws are an appropriate means to enforce the basic voter qualification of citizenship and refused the plaintiff’s request to second-guess the will of Arizona voters by denying their request to strike down the law.

“Today is a great day for the voters of Arizona and for election integrity for our state,” concluded Brewer.