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Nov. 13, 2007
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Sec. Brewer Cautions Voters About Deceptive Voter Registration Drive

Private Group Misleading Arizona Residents Through Mailing

PHOENIX -- Secretary of State Jan Brewer today cautioned voters to be aware of a misleading and deceptive voter registration mailing being sent to Arizona residents by a group called “Women's Voices. Women Vote” based out of Washington D.C.

In a strongly worded letter to the group, Sec. Brewer noted that her office and the county recorders' offices have been inundated with complaints about the group's recent voter registration drive in Arizona in which voters are sent a registration application along with a note indicating that “[v]oter registration laws require you to submit the attached application”, and that it must be filled out and returned to “comply with legal requirements.”

“I have serious concerns about this misleading and deceptive mailing and have asked the group to immediately stop sending these letters to Arizona residents,” said Secretary of State Brewer, “These mailings are misleading and deceptive because they indicate that the law requires the recipient to return the application regardless of whether the recipient is already registered to voter or even eligible to register.”

In addition, Sec. Brewer pointed out that the postage paid information is also misleading because it implies that the Secretary of State's office is involved in the effort and is paying for the return postage (“postage will be paid by addressee”), neither of which is true.

“The fact of the matter is the law does not require anyone to register to vote in Arizona . That is an individual choice,” noted Secretary Brewer. “Moreover, many individuals are ineligible to vote. Thus, this mailing may cause someone to register who is not eligible, which is a class 6 felony. Based on the complaints received, it appears this mailing will also cause many individuals to submit the form even though they are already registered to vote.”

Secretary Brewer also noted that the group's website incorrectly lists the deadline for registering to vote in Arizona as “30 days before an election.” The deadline in Arizona is 29 days before each election.

Brewer added, “I urge Arizona residents wishing to register to vote to visit my website at My website offers voters several registration options, including registering online through our EZ Voter system.” “Voters should be wary of deceptive voter registration mailings like those being disseminated by this particular group out of Washington , D.C. ”