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For Immediate Release
April 15, 2009
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Secretary Bennett Supports and Endorses Elections Equipment and Procedures

PHOENIX -- Secretary of State Ken Bennett today issued the following statement to county recorders and election directors:

Dear County Recorders and Election Directors,

I would like to address what you may have seen on the front page of today’s Arizona Republic. Attorney General Goddard was quoted as saying, “These (Premier) systems are very, very bad. (They) are not state of the art in terms of security…”

Our election system relies on the security of equipment and the integrity of the people and procedures that are part of each election. Each component is equally important.

I spoke with Attorney General Goddard this afternoon and the basis for his remarks was the iBeta report issued in 2007. Even though his quotes in the article were in present tense, he was expressing concerns about how the equipment, without procedural controls, could have been misused in 2006. He clarified in our conversation that the iBeta report found no evidence that it was misused. He and I agree that improvements to our law and procedures manual since the May 2006 election have greatly minimized the potential for abuse or manipulation.

I have utmost confidence in each county’s equipment and the people who conduct our elections. I know that each of you takes very seriously your responsibility for selecting certified equipment that we can rely on and in which voters can have complete confidence.

I appreciate you and the good work that you and your staffs do for the people of Arizona.

Ken Bennett
Secretary of State