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For Immediate Release
April 22, 2009
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Pima County Election Results Confirmed
Ballot Review Complete

PHOENIX –Secretary of State Ken Bennett responded today to the release of ballot review results from the 2006 Pima County Regional Transportation Authority election. The tabulation of the hand count showed results were within .01% of the official count, with the difference attributable to ballots with inconclusive markings.

“I am pleased that a hand count review of the RTA election produced a result almost identical to the results of the electronic tabulation equipment. Any tabulation system, whether manual or electronic, has potential weaknesses, and requires implementation of sufficient procedures to ensure election integrity. Since 2006, Arizona has put into practice over a dozen specific procedures that speak directly to the integrity and security of voting results.

“Although the hand review of ballots this far after an election is an extraordinary measure not often taken, in this case, the results will hopefully give the people of Pima County closure and a reaffirmation of the results and the integrity of the elections process.”