Arizona Secretary of State Jan Brewer
Voter Education
  1. Why do I need to show ID at the polls this year?
    Identification at the polls is essential this year for the first time in Arizona. It will help in creating a more accurate and efficient vote count. Without the proper ID, you will not be able to cast your vote on Election Day.

  2. What forms of ID can I use when voting on Election Day?
    The identification options are very simple; on Election Day, either have one from of ‘photo’ identification or two forms of ‘non-photo’ identification with you.

  3. What is the difference between photo ID and non-photo ID?
    Photo ID is a form of identification with your picture AND address on it. Non-photo ID does not have your picture but has your name and CURRENT address, such as a utility bill, bank statement or car registration. (For more information regarding types of acceptable identification, please visit the ID at the Polls page.

  4. What is the best form of photo ID?
    Your valid Arizona Driver’s License because it has your name, photo and current address.

  5. What if my photo ID does not have my current address on it?
    If your photo ID has an old address, make sure you bring with you at least two different forms of ID with your CURRENT address, such as utility bill, bank statement or car registration.

  6. If I don’t have photo ID can I just bring two electric bills?
    No. You must bring two DIFFERENT utility bills. An example is to bring a utility bill and a bank statement, both with your name and CURRENT address.

  7. Can I use my passport as a form of photo ID?
    No, because it does not have your address on it.

  8. If all of the bills are in my spouses name, but my name is on the bank statement, can I use the bank statement to show that we both live at the same house?
    Yes, you can use the bank statement, if you provide one additional item with your name and CURRENT address on it, such as your car registration.

  9. I am Native American and I only have my tribal enrollment card; can I vote?
    Yes, a tribal enrollment card will allow you to cast your vote.

ID at the polls