RECOUNT PRIMER: Congressional District 5

Notwithstanding litigation (which will cause delays) here is what to expect.

On Monday, September 12 our office will issue the official canvass.  Because the canvass will likely reflect a difference of less than 50 votes, state law requires our office to go to Maricopa County Superior Court and ask a judge to issue an order to recount the race.

After receiving the order, our office will perform logic and accuracy testing of tabulation equipment the following morning.  Once the voting equipment is certified, the county conduct its own logic and accuracy test and begin to recount the votes cast in CD 5.  It is expected that it will take 2-3 days.  By court order, the county will not be permitted to reveal the daily vote totals.

Once complete, the county will transmit the results of the recount to the Secretary of State’s office.  Shortly after, we will deliver sealed totals to the court where a judge will read the results of the recount likely on Friday, September 16.  The results will be final.