Lawsuit to allow ballot harvesting struck down

Today the Federal Court in Phoenix upheld our commonsense legislation which eliminated the outrageous loophole in state law that allowed people to collect a unlimited amount of voted ballots or what I've called ballot harvesting.  

Judge Rayes said: "For these reasons, and based on the current record, Plaintiffs have not shown that H.B. 2023 likely will disparately impact minority voters. Nor have they shown that the law more than minimally burdens voting and associational rights."

We proudly believe in greater access to the polls.  We believe it should be easy to vote.  The court appropriately recognized that “nothing in H.B. 2023 prevents . . . civic organizations from encouraging, urging, or reminding people to vote, informing them of relevant election deadlines, helping them fill out early ballots or request special election boards, or arranging transportation to on-site early voting locations, post offices, county recorder’s offices, or polling places.” But, we also believe it should also be hard to cheat.  

We have a fundamental right to a free and fair election process.  But that also means, we must have a process that is free from fraud.  

Arizona recently had a congressional primary decided by 26 votes and legislative candidates are often separated by only a few hundred votes. Everyone eligible should vote.  And every Arizonan should have confidence in the outcome of the election. Making it illegal for anyone to collect anyone else’s ballot will significantly enhance the integrity of the outcome of our elections. 

Click here to read the COURT RULING.