Trend Offset & Secretary Reagan statement on Publicity Pamphlet problem

“It has come to our attention that several thousand Publicity Pamphlets our company prints for Arizona may be missing pages or were assembled incorrectly,” said a spokesperson for Trend Offset.  “We take responsibility for the problem and believe the issue is limited to one particular shipment in southern Arizona.  We are currently determining the scope of the problem and have promised the Secretary a preliminary report on Thursday, September 29.”

“As someone who has worked in printing, I understand production errors happen, but this is extremely disappointing,” said Secretary Reagan.  “We’re holding Trend Offset fully accountable to ensure the replacement pamphlets are delivered to voters’ mailboxes before early ballots arrive.”

People can request a Publicity Pamphlet 1-877-THE-VOTE or view it online at:



Requests may also be made via email at [email protected].