The State has contracted with Trend Offset Print company to print approximately 1.9 million publicity pamphlets for the upcoming November general election. Yesterday approximately 20 voters contacted either the Secretary of State’s Office or various Southern Arizona county recorders offices to report that the publicity pamphlet they had just received contained a mix of English and Spanish pages. The Secretary of State’s Office immediately contacted Trend and directed them to reexamine their quality control processes as well as reexamine pamphlet shipments that were still in Trend’s control. The Secretary of State’s Office posted its initial media notification at six pm yesterday regarding this matter.

This morning Trend has provided the following update and background information. In planning a print job as large as Arizona’s publicity pamphlet Trend divides the printing of the pamphlet itself into smaller parts as well as schedules production runs to correspond to various deliveries to the United States Postal Service. One of Trend’s production runs was to assemble approximately 68,000 pamphlets for delivery to the USPS in Tucson. This run would ultimately be distributed to communities such as Douglas, Green Valley, Nogales, Sierra Vista or Tucson. To manufacture a finished pamphlet Trend’s collating and binding operations take the various previously printed parts of the pamphlet, collate them together into a single whole pamphlet, staple it and print an address on it.    

Trend has acknowledged that Spanish portions of the pamphlet were inadvertently mixed in with English portions during this collating process. Trend has quality control procedures in place to pull and review finished pamphlets between the binding and addressing process. This quality control process failed in that those Trend employees reviewing collated pamphlets did not detect the mixed English and Spanish pages.  

Trend’s analysis of their production schedules and processes suggests a portion of this 68,000 pamphlet production run have Spanish language pages mixed with English or are otherwise incomplete. Regardless the Secretary of State’s Office has insisted that Trend, at its own cost, produce 68,000 new, complete and accurate pamphlets today and deliver them to the USPS as rapidly as possible. Trend has agreed and reprinted pamphlets should be reaching these Southern Arizona households early next week.

Early balloting begins October 12.  Trend and the Secretary of State’s Office are working diligently and cooperatively to see to it that households where Arizona voters live will receive a complete and accurate publicity pamphlet before they receive their early ballot.