Proud of our staff at the State Library of Arizona!

Libraries play a vital role in our communities around the state and in the lives in so many Arizonans.  I’m delighted our State Library of Arizona at the capitol is no different.

Just last week I was alerted by one of our librarians to an inspirational story that I thought I’d share.

A patron has been coming to our library to put his resume together and doing job searches on our public computers. 

As he was signing in for a computer today, he said that he had something to show me and handed me a piece of paper, and as I was reading it, he said “Thank you… thank you guys for all your help.”

On the paper was a job offer.

I hope as each of you are on the desk when he comes in, he shares the news with you as well, but if he doesn’t, know he is extremely grateful for the assistance you have given him over the past couple of months.

What we do here matters.

I couldn’t be more proud of the services our library provides and the professionals who help people take advantage the resources we have available.  While this story occurred here at the State Library in Phoenix, Arizona’s librarians share the same passion to help people in their communities and their work should be celebrated.