E-QUAL is operating normally.  



Update of the situation as of this morning.  

The transactions are moving through the poller but slowly. There are roughly 2,065,453 transactions that still need processing. At the speed they are replicating into the statewide database, it could take a couple of days to complete the entire process. We are trying to set up a meeting today with ESS and Maricopa IT to fully discuss the transactions and see if there is a way to speed up the process. 



Over Christmas weekend Maricopa County updated their systems to reflect recently approved precinct boundary lines. This data was made available to the Secretary of State on December 26. The E-Qual system is being updated as rapidly as possible to reflect these precinct revisions. The E-Qual system will be unavailable until all of Maricopa County’s changes can be accurately reflected in E-Qual.

Please check back soon.