AZ has an opportunity to secure our voter data and improve election integrity

The Honorable J.D. Mesnard
Speaker of the House, Arizona House of Representatives
1700 W. Washington Street
Phoenix, Arizona  85007

The Honorable Steve Yarbrough
President, Arizona State Senate
1700 W. Washington Street
Phoenix, Arizona  85007

Dear Speaker Mesnard and President Yarbrough:

Arizona’s statewide voter registration system is in desperate need of replacement. The System is antiquated and its outdated code presents continuing cyber-security challenges that could leave voter data vulnerable.  The state and counties issued a request for proposal to obtain a new voter registration system.  We are pleased to report that process is complete and a new contract was awarded.  That new voter registration solution will be called AVID – the Access Voter Information Database.  We are extremely grateful to Governor Ducey for including $2.1 million in his FY19 Executive Budget proposal to facilitate Arizona acquiring this new voter registration system and strongly encourage you to support that funding in the Legislature’s final budget.

The entire activity of voter registration and voter record maintenance is a collaboration between the Secretary of State’s Office and the county Recorders.  As with any major computer system acquiring and implementing is not the end of the financial investment, there are ongoing maintenance and operation costs.

We are writing to ask the Legislature to increase the State’s investment in election integrity and the security of our elections systems and voter information.  Historically the State general fund did not contribute towards the cost of the voter registration system as the state had federal funds to cover these costs through the Help America Vote Act (“HAVA”).  HAVA is now depleted and as we transition to AVID, we ask for a commitment that the state provide more financial support to ensure the voter registration and elections administration infrastructure is efficient and secure.

Therefore, we - the Secretary of State and the 15 county Recorders - ask that the state commit to funding the ongoing maintenance and support of AVID.  Specifically, we ask that 50 percent of the annual maintenance costs be funded by the State.  We understand that there are many demands on the state spending, but protecting the integrity of our voter registration system should be one of the highest priorities.  The Secretary of State, all county Recorders, and the Legislature must work together to make sure Arizona’s voter registration and elections system are beyond reproach and tampering. 

Thank you for your consideration,


Michele Reagan
Arizona Secretary of State

Edison J. Wauneka
Apache County Recorder

Kristi Blair
Mohave County Recorder

David Stevens
Cochise County Recorder

Doris Clark
Navajo County Recorder

Patty Hansen
Coconino County Recorder

F. Ann Rodriguez
Pima County Recorder

Sadie Jo Bingham
Gila County Recorder

Virginia Ross
Pinal County Recorder

Wendy John
Graham County Recorder

Suzanne Sainz
Santa Cruz County Recorder

Berta Manuz
Greenlee County Recorder

Leslie Hoffman
Yavapai County Recorder

Shelly Baker
LaPaz County Recorder

Robyn Poquette
Yuma County Recorder

Adrian Fontes
Maricopa County Recorder