Welcome to our new website

It’s been an amazing first few weeks since I took office as Arizona’s 20th Secretary of State.  We’ve initiated a number of projects to improve the quality of the work done by my office. We’ve been deeply involved with critical legislative issues that have required our immediate attention.  From providing technical insights on important bills making their way through the process, to refurbishing antiquated information systems and digital platforms. 

Throughout the campaign for Secretary of State, I vowed to improve transparency and technology.  I’m pleased to report we’re making major progress on both.

With the launch of our new website, www.azsos.gov, we've made the site more user-friendly, but we are not stopping there. Over the summer,  we’ll unveil our new interactive campaign finance reporting system.  The innovative platform offers more precise information as to who is influencing our elections and integrates a new program we designed named “Follow the Money.”

While many of the changes we’re making on our own, we are also supporting Rep. David's Steven's legislation (HB2589) which consolidates state and local campaign finance reports into one easily searchable database on our website. In order to have true transparency, it is imperative that all candidates’ campaign financials are reported through the same online portal, regardless of whether they are running for a legislative seat, city council race or one of our various counties’ offices.

We’ve taken some great steps over the past seven weeks and we are looking forward to the effort to carefully examine campaign finance laws over the coming months to make sure everyone that should report, reports in a meaningful way and will keep politicians and lobbyists accountable to the People.  I believe that the people of Arizona will be more likely to engage with their state government if we give them technology to use that is easy and understandable.  I am excited about some of the new tools we will be launching over the next several months to aid citizen participation and we look forward to hearing your feedback!


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