Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records turns 100!

For more than one hundred years, the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records has dedicated itself to preserving our state’s  rich history and providing continued public access to the historical documents that tell the story of our magnificent state. 

On March 24, 2015 we celebrate the Centennial Anniversary of the official creation of the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records as an institution of the state.

Few cultural institutions have the type of impact community libraries have on our society. With more than twenty-five million visits to more than two hundred libraries in Arizona each year, libraries are a critical thread in the fabric that forms our communities. Libraries make information and entertainment available to the masses whether it be the printed word or online access still unavailable to many in our state. Today, libraries are growing services to serve as job hubs for those seeking employment and as technology centers making advancements such as 3D printers accessible to everyone. In an era of unpreceded technological advancement, the State Library, Archives and Public Records division’s mission is more important than ever before. If we are to understand the present to plan for the future, we must have access to the past.

Please enjoy this wonderful publication commemorating our one hundred years of public service!