Curious about the initiative process?

Glad you asked!

An initiative is any measure taken out by the people that proposes new laws or amends the Arizona Revised Statutes or the Arizona Constitution. Arizona’s registered voters may propose new laws, amend existing laws or propose constitutional amendments through the initiative petition process. Before the petition is printed and signatures collected, an application for a petition serial number along with a 100-word description and the complete text of the measure must be filed with the Secretary of State on a prescribed form. The Secretary of State cannot accept an application which was issued for circulation more than 24 months prior to the general election at which the measure is to be included.

First, a political committee must be formed.  Then they must file an application with the Secretary of State’s Office and prepare petitions for circulation.  Once they gather the required number of signatures from eligible voters, (150,642 for 2016) 
they will submit the petitions to our office for us to processes and determine whether enough signatures were gathered.  If so, the measure is placed on the General Election Ballot or a Recall Election is ordered!

Want some more details?

Here is a link to our handbook on Initiative, Referendum and Recall!