New Genealogy Center

Many people have contacted our office regarding the new Genealogy Center opening across the street from the Capitol at the Polly Rosenbaum Archives and History Building.  I sincerely appreciated them sharing their concerns about the genealogy collection with us.  Rest assured we are practicing responsible stewardship of these reference materials.

As you may know, the new Genealogy Center is located within the modern, climate-controlled State Archives Building on 19th Avenue.  The ADA accessible facility will provide improved access to important records through the consolidation of the collections under one roof and free access to popular web-based databases like Ancestry and HeritageQuest.

To help clear up any confusion regarding access to these historical documents, we are currently working with experts within the research community to remove duplicates and evaluate the rest of the collection based on usage, online accessibility, and whether the material is readily available in another Arizona library.  

Please take the opportunity to visit the new Genealogy Center to enjoy the rich portfolio of resources at your fingertips!