A word from our State Librarian

Joan Clark, Director Arizona State Library, Archives & Public Records


Fiscal year 2016 ushers in a major shift for the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records (LAPR), a division of the Department of State under Secretary of State Michele Reagan. One of the Secretary's priorities has been to invest in areas where technology can improve customer service and efficiency.

With that in mind, we are realigning our services, workflows and expertise to meet the evolving opportunities and expectations of public service in a digital age. The big shift is in how we think about our work and how we deliver our services.

I am excited and optimistic about our new framework which focuses our staff under two Deputy Directors. The library functions are now consolidated under Holly Henley as Deputy Director of Library Services. The archives and records management functions are consolidated under Ted Hale as Deputy Director.

As Secretary Reagan has said, "In an era of unprecedented technological advancement, the State Library, Archives and Public Records division's mission is more important than ever before. If we are to understand the present to plan for the future, we must have access to the past."

No longer is our digital work a complement to our print or physical work. Digital is now the central domain of what we do and how we do it. Digital is our world and the way we work. 

We are organizing and leveraging the collective expertise of our staff to better serve citizens, small businesses, and public bodies in a digital world. Our mission remains the same: to help Arizonans know and obtain information about their government, their state, and their world.