Thoughts on the accuracy of voter registration information

Lots of voters raised concerns with the Presidential Preference Election (PPE) that there were issues about the accuracy of voter registration information.

In the days following the PPE our office begun an investigation and has yet to find any indication of fraud or intentional modification of partisan registration information.  While the platform could have been easier to use and performed better it appears that nothing malicious occurred.

We have initiated a wide-ranging effort to identify other jurisdictions who make the registration process easier and more efficient and we will seek to incorporate those best practices into Arizona’s systems.  

In addition we are reviewing how voter registration data is obtained, shared and transmitted from  all the way out to county E-poll books and seek to identify new and better ways to maximize data integrity.

Clearly the most confusing thing about the PPE is the fact that “independents” are not allowed to participate.  That fact by itself creates a vast amount of confusion.  While it’s likely that many voters choose to change their registration affiliation solely for the purpose of participating in the PPE they will likely change it back.  It’s concerning that each time voter registration information changes it has the opportunity for mistakes to be made.  

The simple answer is that the state should treat this election the same as the others or not run it all.