We're ensuring children of politicians have a right to privacy

Elected officials and candidates accept the heightened level of public scrutiny that comes along with public service.  While they recognize that the loss of privacy comes with the territory, I believe children should be left completely out of the political spotlight. 

That’s why earlier this year our office helped draft (HB2429) a bill that permits the use of the term “minor child” rather than listing their actual name on their financial disclosure statement.  In the past, the policy has been to simply redact their names, but this session we were able to codify the procedure into law.

Regardless of the actual day the law goes into effect, we have decided it was too important  to wait and have redacted the names of children on the statements before placing them online for public inspection.

While candidates may disagree about everything from ideas to ideologies, we all agree their children have a right to privacy.