Government sued for being too efficient!

In what must be a first, the Secretary of State’s office was sued for being too efficient and processing ballot initiatives too quickly.

The Arizona Restaurant Association asked a Superior Court judge to temporarily stop our office from completing its work to verify the number of initiative signatures because we were going too fast.  

By statute our office has 20 business days before we’re required to submit a random sample of signatures for verification to our County Recorders.  I’m proud of our staff and their commitment to efficiency.  We also have developed and implemented a new electronic system which allowed us to process 22,000 petitions containing 270,000 signatures well ahead of schedule.  I feel the sooner we complete the process, the sooner voters will have clarity as to the issues facing them on this fall’s extensive ballot.

Luckily the judge denied the motion and we’ll finish up very soon.  In the meantime we’ll continue to find ways to modernize each and every process as we transition the office from paper to pixels.