Secretary Reagan appoints new members of Equipment Certification Committee

For Immediate Release
February 14, 2017


Matt Roberts, Director of Communications 
Phone: (602) 542-2228
[email protected]

Secretary of State Michele Reagan has appointed three members to her Equipment Certification Committee.  Members of the committee are charged with evaluating various types of election equipment and submit their recommendations to the Secretary who will determine the type to be certified for use.

The three committee members recently appointed through 2018 are:  Dr. Jim Helm, Program Chair Information Technology at Arizona State University; Peter Silverman, Law Offices of Mandel Young PLC; and Janine Petty, Deputy State Election Director.

“We take election integrity seriously in Arizona so our citizens can trust the outcome of our elections,” said Secretary Reagan.  “The fundamental philosophy of our office is that it should be easy to vote hard to cheat.  I’m looking forward to working with them to ensure we have a process that voters feel is free from fraud.”

In accordance with state law, the Secretary of State appoints a committee of three people, consisting of a member of the engineering college at one of the universities, a member of the state bar of Arizona and one person familiar with voting processes in the state.  No more than two of can be of the same political party, and at least one shall have at least five years of experience with electronic voting systems, procedures and security.